Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee

The intermediate school I volunteer at in the mornings recently purchase and installed a brand new 50 inch flat screen tv in the cafeteria. They were installing it on Friday when I was there so this morning was the first morning I have been there since it became functional. Much Music was blasting Rihanna and Ke$ha while their music videos consisting of barely dressed women dancing around randomly was playing on the screen. I have never ever seen the cafeteria so quite in all the mornings I've been volunteering. Instead of the usual happy chatter that slowly gets louder and louder as the cafeteria fills up closer to the bell, there were about 70 pairs of eyes starring in silence at the tv. Eyes wide, mouths open. Kids watch enough TV already, do they really need more opportunities at school? Not to mention how much TVs cost. In my experience as a student, I can think of a long list of things that a school could spend money on that would be more beneficial than a television in the cafeteria. Text books? Gym equipment? Music department? School sports teams, choirs, bands? I can't say I really understand the purchase, but it would have had to be approved by numerous people within the school and on the school board. If any one out there has any rational reasons why a middle school would need a giant flat screen tv, I would love to be enlightened.

Today is our last Wednesday of the year, and one of my classes is having a potluck/snackluck to celebrate. The class is Nutrition and Dietary Behaviour, and we have discussed reasons why we eat what we do and how family, media and other factors affect food selection and consumption. The idea was to bring something that was kind of significant in some way. I couldn't really think of what to bring, but having had to explain my cupcake tour of New York to the class when I got back, I decided to make cupcakes. One skipped class and 40 butterfly cupcakes later, they are dunzo and turned out ok. Not quite Martha worthy but good enough. Age made these adorable iced easter sugar cookies in egg, bunny and chick shapes, and Sam made cornbread. We will probably be the best represented house in the class! I actually have a feeling not very many people are bringing stuff, but between the three of us we should have more than enough for everyone to have at least something.

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