Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Next Chapter

I've taken quite the hiatus from my little corner of the internet!  I should have written a post explaining my absence but it wasn't intentional and just kind of happened.

At the time, there were a lot of changes going on in my life and I was definitely in a transition stage in my life.  Blogging, while I still loved it, started feeling a bit like a chore and an obligation. I felt like I didn't have as much to write about, but had too much to write about at the same time that actually sitting down and writing seemed like a monstrous task. And then eventually, I ended up getting too busy doing things to write about them.

However, I have missed blogging.  I'm a bit of an all or nothing type of person and felt that unless I could commit to almost daily posts, then it wasn't worth posting at all.  I've been trying to decide if I should start blogging again for a while and decided that this is the perfect time to get back to blogging.  I'm not promising daily posts, but I am hoping to post a couple times a week regularly.

I've just started the next chapter of my life.  I've settled into a job as a Registered Dietitian, and into living in Hay River.  I'm in the process of trying to figure out how to be an adult, but without taking myself too seriously. Trying to live a well balanced, healthy life without restricting myself. Trying to regain my fitness without 'training'.

I've also recently been accepted to the University of Victoria's Master of Public Health program!  I'm so excited! I've really missed learning.  I still learn everyday at work but I miss the focused, directed learning that academic institutions provide.  Plus graduating with a MPH is on my bucket list! I hope to be able to write about what I learn along the way and how it changes my practice on a daily basis.

There are so many new and exciting opportunities and adventures around the corner, and I can't wait to get back to blogging to share them with anyone who reads this (aka about 3 family members)!