Sunday, March 28, 2010

Weekend Get-away in the Mary Kay

I finally went on a long overdue trip to Sackville and Amherst to visit my sister and my grandparents for the weekend. I drove down on Saturday morning and after stopping in quickly at Alex's place to pick her and the other Alex up, we headed for Amherst to see my Nannie and Grampie. To make things less complicated, Alex the boyfriend will officially be dubbed Big Al. It was Nannie's birthday last weekend and it's Easter next weekend so this weekend was kind of a smooshed together celebration of everything all at once. I have 5 exams next week and decided that it would probably be unwise to spend the weekend before being unproductive so unfortunately I won't be going back for an Easter supper (or is it Easter dinner? these east coasters are all backwards with those two terms). So on Saturday we ate some egg salad sammy's (Nannie's specialty) and then wandered around the mall before heading to Tim Hortons and then to Jungle Jims. We basically spent the whole day hanging out and eating which is pretty much exactly how I like to spend my days when possible. Visiting Amherst means meeting about a million people, half of whom I am related to distantly in one way or another. I have yet to visit without being introduced to, at the very least, 5 new people. My grandparents have to be the most social people on the planet.

After dinner/supper, me, Alex, Big Al and Nannie went glow bowling. The glow part was just a coincidence, but you can never go wrong with some neon paint and black lights. To make it interesting we teamed up and played 2 out of three games and the looser had to buy ice cream. Turns out that Alex kind of sucks and Nannie is a sniper with a bowling ball. Needless to say we all got our butts kicked by her, really really badly. Lesson of the day: never underestimate a grandmother with a bowling ball.

After bowling I attempted to try learning how to drive standard. Alex's new car Speeder is a standard and her and Big Al drove me out to the Sackville industrial part and tried to teach me. Driving standard is super super fun! I wasn't exactly a champ but I was doing ok until I had to start at the bottom of a GIANT hill and then wasn't really moving and the car was making all sorts of loud revving noises and then I screwed something up, (still have no idea what I did or didn't do) which was followed by the most dreadful smell ever. Not exactly a smell that can be safely associated with a moving car anyways. Luckily we were basically on their street so I didn't have to put the car through much more pain before conceding defeat.

We rounded off the night by watching Toy Story and went to church and McDonalds this morning before I headed back to the island. Road trips are awesome. I need to take more of them. If only it didn't cost so much to leave the island! Plans are being made for Alex and everyone to come visit me here on the island in April or May so I am getting pumped already!

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