Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The last two weeks have been the biggest whirlwind of life. I can't believe that a) I made it out alive, b) it's humanly possible to get that much done in only 2 weeks and c) it's been two weeks since I had a chance to blog.

The last few days in New York City were busy, awesome and delicious. The trip concluded with more cupcakes, a trip to Max Brenner Chocolate for a Chocolate pizza with Rach and her roommate Nicole, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Statue of Liberty and a lot of walking and seeing fabulous things. And ALOT of snow and slush and wet feet. Although Rach taught me a few coping mechanisms: feet in plastic bags in hiking boots. I learned that it is never safe to leave home with out a pair of wellies.

There was a HUGE snow storm while I was in New York and I could not believe how many people use their umbrellas for snow. By the end of the week, after rain and snow and slush and basically every possible form of precipitation, there were broken umbrellas everywhere. Umbrella's are basically the roadkill of NYC. You see a clump of something on the side of the road ahead of you and you can't really tell what it is but for some reason you are sure it will be slightly unpleasant. As you get closer, you see broken metal spokes, smushed, ripped fabric (always black, the only color umbrella that exists in NY) and multiple sets of tire tread covering it. Here, you see broken feathers and smushed guts...much more unpleasant but elicits a shockingly similar response.

The highlight of the last couple days was definately the Museum of Natural History. I LOVE dinosaurs. I'm not sure why, I think it might be because it's the first topic I actually remember learning about in school. Mme Larochelle taught me all about them in grade one. Good times.
Here are some pictures from the last few days! There is so much to write about that it would actually be impossible.

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