Thursday, March 25, 2010

Third Times the Charm

Houdini has officially been captured and will no longer be eating all of my shredded wheat. I informed our landlord of the good news this morning when I saw him on campus and apparently mice have been a big issue in PEI this winter since we've had so little snow. He's going to come by soon and place screens on all our vents to prevent further infiltration. We're hoping that Houdini was the last but at this point it seems like a never ending battle so I'm not holding my breath. maybe the warm weather will encourage the other mice to do whatever it is that mice do in their natural habitat outside.

I THINK I may have decided not to do my honors. I can't think of any possibly way I can fit 75 page thesis paper, several 30 page lit reviews and the analysis of the data into the schedule I had this year. I also can't think of anything I did this year that can be dropped. But I'm sure I will change my mind again tomorrow so we shall see! I will likely be flip flopping a few times a day between now and Wednesday when the application letter is due. Does this count as procrastination?

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