Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blood Guts Bruises Cuts

Day two of rain here on the island and I must admit I am kind of loving it. It's not cold, just cozy.

Houdini got away again last night, this time somehow managing to drag the entire trap with him to another shelf in the pantry. We talked to the land lord today and he is suggesting maybe we try sticky traps. Basically it's a really sticky strip that he'll get stuck to when he tries to walk across it. All three of us here are really hating that idea. It sounds like a horrible way to go, slow and painful...poor little guy. I noted this morning that he seems to like processed foods best-having previously snacked on multiple types of cereal and pancake mix, but yet all of my fruit and veg in the pantry was untouched. I spoke too soon because he managed to eat half an apple. Half! Maybe the exponential growth of his belly will slow him down and make him easier to catch (crossing fingers!). On the bright side, at least we know he doesn't have scurvy from lack of vitamin C.

Nothing else very exciting is going down. I'm trying to decide whether or not to do an honors next year. It would entail a research project and a 75 page thesis paper throughout the school year. I would be analyzing a completed government funded research project about seniors in the Maritimes and the barriers and challenges they face accessing food. Essentially assessing food security for seniors on the east coast. I'm torn because I am not sure that I really want to take on the additional work load, this year was stressful and busy enough and I didn't have all this extra work to worry about. They strongly recommend that students doing an honors do not have a part time job, which isn't an option for me. Not to mention Swim Team time obligations I will have. I know it will open doors for me in the future, and having the research experience will be irreplaceable but I can't possibly fathom how I could have fit anything else into my schedule this year. I am worried that taking on this extra workload with be setting myself up for disaster despite being incredibly advantageous for Grad School applications. Anyways, I have until the 31st of March (only one more week!) to decide and have a formal application letter written requesting to do my honors. So hopefully I figure it out soon!

I started training for a half marathon yesterday. I am going to be running the Fulton Campbell Memorial Half Marathon in Montague on June 26th. It's the day after internship ends and I think it will be a great way to end my summer in PEI. Plus it will give me something to train for which is always nice versus running aimlessly. The best part about just starting to train is that this week consists only of two 4km runs and a 6km run on the weekend. Now that I've thrown my intentions out into the vast abyss of the world wide web I can't back out. Tomorrow is run # 2 and I am already excited. I haven't had a nice rainy day run in a while! Perfect for ending at a cozy coffee shop for a post run Americano, assuming I'm not too stinky.

Speaking of running, I have a new favorite band to run to. I was introduced to them two years ago by my friend Joey. It's a band from his hometown of Calgary called The Dudes. I think they're worth checking out...

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