Monday, March 22, 2010

Escape Artist Extraordinaire

I forgot the mention that a certain celebrity PEI Chef came into the pizza place I work at on Friday night. For all you food network junkies that know Micheal Smith, it may interest you to know that he doesn't like mushrooms. He walked into the restaurant with his son and I got really excited but none of my coworkers even knew who he was. Whether you know him or not he's hard to miss! He had to duck to get through the doorway because he's so tall. Anyways, he came in, sat down, ordered some pizza and that's about it. I tried to play it cool and not be a lame super fan, but I probably turned bright red every time I brought them food/drinks etc. He might also have noticed me texting like a madwomen to inform everyone I know if the encounter from behind the cash.

I'm not really one to fuss over celebrities, but I did get a little jittery and terrified of messing up when serving him. Our culture has developed to idolize celebrities despite not actually knowing anything about them other than what the media portrays. Why is this? Why is it that we a so willing to blindly love people we have never met simply because their profession makes them recognizable to the general public? And vice versa; why do we find ourselves so often hating people we have never met because the tabloids say they are sleeping with so and so's wife (or sleeping with everyone if you're Tiger). I won't lie, I have been found reading perezhilton every once in a while, and I am just as guilty as the next person at getting sucked into wanting to know what the latest Hollywood scandal is, but I still have no reason why.

So Mousey is a clever one. Despite setting traps, he has escaped death with a belly full of peanut butter three times now. I kind of want to give him a high five...I mean that is pretty freakin' impressive! This little guy has more lives than a crazy cat lady's house. Although, I may change my mind about the high fives and fist pumps when he starts eating my food and not just Adrienne's. But for now I am going to celebrate by referring to him as Houdini form now on.

Since I originally started this blog in the hopes of blogging about internship, I suppose I should provide an update! Getting your hands on up to date immunization records from another province is a massive pain the the butt. First I had to contact Mississauga Public Health and have my immunization record faxed over-that part went pretty seamlessly. However, turns out this record was not up to date at all and the millions of shots I had prior to going to Kenya were not on this form. Plus, since I don't have a PEI health card, I had to wait an extra TWO WEEKS to get into Public Health here in Charlottetown. So anyways, I went this morning for my first of 4 required visits to get tuberculin testing done. And the nurse tells me I need like 4 more shots because there is no record of me ever getting them on my out of date form and that I also need blood work done to test for immunity against Chicken Pox, but I have to wait another 10 days before I can get any of this stuff done. So apparently there is now a chicken pox kids just don't even get it anymore? This blew my mind a little..isn't getting the chicken pox some kind of right of passage? (one that you hope you are to young to remember) Anyways, I went to the campus clinic to get blood work done but they only do it on Wednesdays, so on Wednesday I have to go back to public health so they can tell me I don't have Tuberculin and then I have to go the campus clinic where they'll take a whole bunch of blood, send it to Halifax to get tested for chicken pox immunity and then eventually in about 2-3 weeks time will tell me I have had chicken pox already. In the meantime, I'll probably have to get some more random shots.

On the bright side, my mother happened to search for my immunization records from the travel clinic I went to before Kenya and has acquired those records and will be mailing them to me shortly, which will hopefully reduce the number of new shots I need to get. I don't mind needles, but paying for them really sucks, as does scheduling time to go to the clinic and get em done.

Moral of the story is to a) keep really good track of your immunization records, and b) avoid needing your records while out of province.

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