Saturday, March 13, 2010

Here Comes the Sun (do do do do)

I love sun. After an entire winter of typical PEI doom, it finally seems as though spring is at least trying to come. Somehow everything is just better when it's sunny out. At home I don't have a window in my bedroom, which means that when the door is shut, there is absolutely no way to tell what time of day it is. Great for those mornings you want to be able to sleep forever. My room here at school has a big window that when left open, has been waking me up at about 7 am every morning this week with a face full of sunshine. Probably my favorite way to wake up, definitely beats the alarm clock and I can't tell the sun to snooze so it gets me happily out of bed.
Last night Lydia hosted a sushi party at Mia's. I had to work late until about 11:15 so I met everyone there for a bit after work. Mia lives out in the country so I was a little bit nervous about finding the place. It wasn't to hard until I got to Mia's road and somehow managed to not write down her actual address. And of course, there was no cell service at her place so everyone who was there that I tried calling was " the customer you are calling is currently unavailable, please try again." Eventually I got a hold of someone who wasn't there but had the facebook invite and she checked the address for me. Turns out I was basically pulled over at the end of her driveway. The road trip outta town last night made me really excited for the summer. I had not seen that many stars since I was camping in Algonquin Park last, and I couldn't help but think of how awesome of a bike ride it would be out there on all the winedy back roads through the country. The sushi was unreal, Lydia is officially my new favorite sushi place-way better than Zen was earlier this week.

Another Saturday morning is upon us, and for the first time in a very long time I have no obligations for the day other than working tonight at 5:30 which I am kind of excited for already. I like working, as much as it's a pain sometimes to try to fit into my schedule, I do legit like going to work. So I am going to enjoy the weather and head to the Farmer's Market, and since I'm a huge wimp and -8 seems chilly, I am going to wait until it's above zero and go for a lovely run along the board walk in Victoria Park this afternoon. I went for a walk there yesterday with Lexy and it was gorgeous! Everyone came out of hibernation yesterday and were walking their dogs and walking with friends and generally just loving life and the glimmer of hope the sun provides at the end of a long winter.

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