Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why did the mouse cross the cupboard?

To steal our noodles!

Here I am, strolling casually into the kitchen, looking for a snack and so naturally I open the cupboard. While glancing around trying to decide what to eat, I happen to look down and what do I see? A mouse, sitting quite comfortably on top of a box of Kamut noodles! I wasn't really sure what to do so I quickly slammed the door shut and made a weird squeal and alerted Adrienne. After snapping the trap shut on my fingers, Age took over and now there is a very nice peanut butter filled trap awaiting Mousey's return. I'm half expecting to hear it go off any second actually.

Today is National Dietitian's Day, but also St Patrick's day. In celebration, Jess and I went out for breakfast and tonight a bunch of us girls are heading to 42nd Street, a martini bar downtown. Hopefully while we're enjoying a delish drink, Mousey will be enjoying some yummy peanut butter (muah ha ha ha). The problem with seeing him is that he is just too darn cute! Which is why Age has become the official mouse trap emptier. Mad props to her for taking on the task.

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