Friday, April 2, 2010

Mac and Harvey

The last few days have been a blur of papers, macaroni and cheese, and the athletic banquet. I am officially dunzo with my third year of classes. The last week of classes always means that there are a million papers due and about 6 presentations to complete. Luckily, I got to work on some pretty fun projects this year. In what other program would you spend an entire semester focusing on almost nothing other than macaroni and cheese? Our mac and cheese presentation was awesome, we even all got matching shirts that had a macaroni noodle and a block of cheese on it, that says BFFs (Best Friends Forever) on it.

Assuming I don't fail any exams, (fingers crossed) this time next week I will essentially be three quarters of the way through university. Basically the only thing getting me through this last week is thinking about how exciting this time next year will be. I really hate exams. I typically do not do very well on them and my marks always drop after writing them. By the end of the semester I am normally too burnt out or just don't care enough anymore to be able to focus as much as I need to on studying. This year appears to be no different. I tried to buckle down and study today but I didn't get nearly as much as I wanted accomplished and really don't feel like I have any more knowledge in my head now than I did when I woke up this morning. While I acknowledge the fact the I need to learn how to focus and study better for exams, I am currently sitting in my room writing this blog, and contemplating between studying for the rest of the night, or watching either The Fantastic Mr Fox or Couples Retreat. I'm not going to lie, there is about an 99% chance I'll end up watching a movie versus studying. Exams will mean one of three things: I will blog way more often in procrastination, I won't hardly blog at all because I'll be studying, or I won't blog because I'll be locked in my room attempting to learn but not really learning and therefor have nothing to write about.
Wednesday night was the UPEI Athletic Banquet. All of the varsity sports teams got all dolled up and attended an awards ceremony that recognized each team and various athletes across campus. Surprisingly, I ended up winning some random award I didn't know existed. One person from each team was awarded the Mickey's Place award for student leadership and community/school involvement (I think?). The best part was it came with some mad cheddar. Aka some cash money. After the awards ceremony, we all went back to Steph's place for some team bonding over card games and to celebrate the season. Half the team I had never seen in anything other than a swim suit or a UPEI track suit so it was so exciting to see everyone in dresses, heels and suits. We all headed to the Wave after Steph's to meet up with the rest of the teams and to do some dancing. Fun was had by all...even those who can't remember for themselves.

Today is Good Friday, the kick-off to Easter Weekend. For the first year ever, I don't have any plans. In my first year I went home with Lexy to Miramichi, last year I went to Amherst to visit Alex and my grandparents. Because of exams, I couldn't really justify getting NO studying done the weekend before so I opted to stay on the island. It's a little bit strange. I LOVE holidays, and get really excited for all of them. But since I have no plans it doesn't even feel like a holiday at all. If it weren't for the mini eggs and creme eggs strategically placed at every check out line on the island, I would have probably missed the holiday all together. I think in honor of Easter I should take the time out of my busy busy studying schedule to watch an Easter themed movie. I'm thinking Harvey; no better way to celebrate Easter than with a 6 foot imaginary rabbit and some popcorn. Throw some fresh baked cranberry-almond-white chocolate biscotti in there and you've got a pretty stellar holiday weekend!

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  1. Hey, did you watch the fantastic mr. Fox? is it your favorite movie ever?