Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mid-March Movie

The City Cinema is quietly tucked away behind Queen Street here in Charlottetown and plays mostly film festival flicks and less mainstream titles. It's pretty old school; slanted floor, not very many seats, and a smaller screen then you typically see but it's also a few bucks cheaper. After grabbing a coffee with Cindy downtown, we headed to the cinema to see Mid-August Lunch. I really liked it, it was the first movie I've seen in a while that seemed to fly by so fast I was surprised when it was over. It's about this guy who is taking care of his mother and ends up also having to take care of 3 other elderly women for a weekend. It was funny and cute and I definitely recommend it if you want a light, feel good movie that will have you leaving the theater with a smile.

For the first time ever, I waited on a table last night that contained quite possibly the rudest people on the planet. There were two families with a total of 8 people. They spent their entire meal screaming at their kids and disrupting the entire dining room...which was packed and I was the only waitress on staff. I had just dropped off drinks to their table and was taking drink orders from a second table when one of the mothers from the table of 8 stands up and yells at me for taking this second tables order before theirs. Of course the ENTIRE dining room turns to witness me getting yelled at. I'm not sure where my patience came from-but I calmly took the tables order and somehow managed to remain quite chipper. The table continued to scream at each other and disrupt every one else eating in the restaurant but eventually they finished their meal and left. Needless to say they were not big tippers. But on the bright side, the rest of the tables felt so bad for me having to deal with these awful people, and were impressed that I didn't shove a pizza in this woman's face that they tipped extra.

So the lesson of the day is to always be nice to your waitress or waiter, because I'm sure we all have to deal with tables like that one, and I think I've just gotten lucky enough to have not had one until now.

For all of you reality TV fans out there, aka fans of The Hills, The City etc, there is a new show that's based on a clothing shop called Jacflash on Queen W in Toronto. It's called JacLife and follows a group of 20 somethings who own and run the clothing store, have their own clothing line etc. Right now I'm pretty sure it consists only of webisodes but worth checking out. It's basically the exact same as every other MTV show, but its based on Toronto and produced by Slice. If you need a break from life and want to rot your brain a bit check out Jaclife.com

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