Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lovely Weather for a Sleight Ride Together...

Until Thursday we had almost no snow at all, and then BAM! we get 20 cm in one night! I can't say I mind very much, I got a long weekend because Friday was a snow day and there is now enough snow to go cross country skiing and snow-shoeing. Both of which I am really hoping to be able to do sometime this winter but the way things are going on the school and work front, it looks highly unlikely. I don't have a cable to hook my camera up to my computer or else I would have taken some fun pictures, so instead I stuck my lap top out the front door in an attempt to show you guys just how much snow we got (but while avoiding the cold). The picture is basically the view out my front door, the white picket fence surrounds our yard. The picture just doesn't do it justice. I happen to love PEI in the snow; the city stays so much whiter for so much longer than Toronto where everything turns brown within minutes of a snow fall. The downside is that the sidewalks barely get plowed at all, making trudging to school, the grocery store and to work a lot more work in the winter.

Walking home from work on Friday night, I had to walk along University Avenue because the sidewalks weren't cleared and I couldn't actually tell where they were supposed to be. The snow was knee deep and walking along the side of the road seemed a much better option. I was about half way home when I heard this thundering roar behind me, I looked back just in time to see a giant plow booking it down the street. I jumped into the snow bank as far from the road as I could but still ended up narrowly escaping being plowed and got absolutely covered in snow. It took me about 3 minutes to climb out! It was one of those moments when you look around you to make sure no one else saw before permitting yourself to laugh at the hilarity of the whole situation. Hilarious but only because I narrowly escaped death by plow. Not my ideal way to go, I must admit. I think my preferred way to go would be shark attack. At least then I could feel as though I'm giving back to the food chain, and if I did manage to survive I'd have some pretty bad-ass scars and a wicked story.

In other news, this video of the Burloak Canoe Club Sr Woman's War Canoe from Nationals '09 in Sherbrooke was recently posted on Facebook and I thought I would post it here for your viewing pleasure. It was a pretty awesome race, specially since it was very likely my last war canoe race ever. Kind of sad actually, thinking that I won't be racing war canoe any time soon. It is, and always has been my very favorite boat to both train and race, and I think that might be the only reason I was ever decent at it. Adam Vank said in an article once ( I have no idea what article though, or where I read it) that if you're going to be good, you train for hours a day, every day. If you're going to be great, you love every minute of it. I think this is particularly true of war canoe. When you're in a boat with so many other people, it's easy to think you're going hard when you aren't really, and easy to think that you can slack without being noticed (although any one who has ever been coached by Kyle can testify that this isn't true...he notices everyone), specially if all you can think about it how much you hate your life and how tempting it is to bail and swim back to the dock rather than finish the time control. Obviously we've all had those moments, but I really loved that the better I paddled technically, the more I could move the boat with the same amount of effort, so if I could just paddle better, and learn to paddle harder than I could move the boat that much more. Not to mention how awesome it feels to paddle efficiently and well and powerfully and actually feel as though every stroke your taking is making a difference even in such a big, heavy boat. Anyways, enjoy watching the burloak ladies kick some serious butt!

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