Wednesday, January 27, 2010

House Mouse: 1, 26 Gerald Street: 0

Last night we were super excited to set up the humane mouse trap that the landlord dropped off. We spread some peanut butter over a cracker and set the trap in anticipation of finding a furry little friend in there in the morning. When we woke up this morning, excited to see if the little guy took our bait, but all that we found was an empty trap. Some how he escaped with the cracker! Pesky little bugger! We've decided to give him three chances to surrender until we resort to the messy traps that won't be supplying him with free food.

In the past few days since the internship announcements were made, I have found out that I will have to stay on the island for the summer. I had anticipated being able to intern in Toronto as I knew there have been previous placements in Toronto for UPEI students. Unfortunately, we don't have the opportunity to work off island until our second work term next summer. The idea of staying on the island was not exactly welcomed with open arms. Winters here suck, super windy, it snows then rains then snows again, its basically miserable. Not to mention there are people I was really excited to see and spend time with over the summer at home. I was bummed to say the least.

The more I think about it though, the more excited I get to be here this summer. Everyone keeps telling me how awesome it is in the summer and now I will finally have the chance to experience it first hand. Plus, I think that having all the interns in one city for the summer will be really fun and I'm hoping we'll all hang out when we're not working. Almost all of my friends have had a summer away from home so far; Rach in the states, JP in Australia and Court in Halifax so I suppose it's just my turn to be missed.

I went for a run around the city tonight and it solidified my excitement for staying here in the summer. It's a crazy warm two degrees today and I couldn't help but take advantage of the weather and get outside. I ran from my house to the end of the board walk (a perfect 6km route!) and then looped around downtown for a bit, not wanting to go home yet. I wasn't running very fast, but I'm ok with that because for the first time in my life I'm not training for anything. Who cares if I chill on a run and just enjoy the fact that I'm running? (Plus, I managed to master the snot rocket in one run!) I did a little mini tour around the confederation building, a whole bunch of historic sites and old churches and decided that this place could quite possibly be awesome in the summer. The board walk runs for about 1.5km along the ocean and has the distinct scent of salty seaweed that comes off the rocks. Plus I found a public outdoor pool at the end of the board walk in which I hope to run to, swim in, and then run home from in the summer. I keep having to remind myself that not only will I be working full time for free as an intern, I will also be trying to work as much as possible on the side to pay the bills! I have a tendency of making extravagant plans that always fall through due to the demands of reality. Psh, reality.

As for right now, I'm trying to keep up with a super busy semester of classes! Which means that I procrastinate by cooking. Tonight after my run I came home and made an attempt at a curried lentil soup. It's decent but not as heavenly as the one I had at the Farmer's Market. I'm going back on Saturday to ask her if she'll write down her recipe for me! I'm crossing my fingers she'll have more soup too!

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