Sunday, January 24, 2010

Today was super unproductive, although I did watch an episode of Glee, buy a new swim suit, swim for two hours and eat the most delicious sweet potato of my life so it wasn't all bad. Despite a fairly uneventful day, I did come away from the weekend having learned a couple of things to note:
  • My sister was right when she said that champagne and pizza was an unbeatable combo
  • More than my three devoted followers read this...shocking, I know
  • After studying enteral and parenteral nutrition (tube feeding hospital patients), it's a) super cool and fun to figure out which formulas you need to use on patients depending on their condition, the severity of the gastrointestinal function, protein and energy requirements etc and b) I never ever want to have a tube stuck down my nose and threaded all the way into my jejunum or stomach.
  • Lastly, that the (drum roll please...) internship selections have been made and are available to candidates at 10am Monday morning. This time tomorrow I will either be strategizing my back-up plan and looking hard core for a summer job, or I'll be officially an intern. it could go either way at this point, but my fingers are crossed.
Speaking of internship, here are some pictures from the FANS "yahoo for interviews being over" party on Friday night:
FANS and Friends before heading to the Olde Dublin

Roommates Extraordinaire

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