Thursday, January 28, 2010

He Strikes Again...

I am extremely disappointed in how clever this silly mouse is. Doesn't he know it's for his own good to get caught? He has officially expired his second strike, and I have a feeling that by tomorrow morning his opportunity to be set free into the wild far far away from Gerald Street may be dunzo.

Today was awesome. I talked to the internship coordinator and learned that I will be getting a whole month off over the summer! There has apparently been a slight change in placement scheduling which now allows for a bit of time off to enjoy the summer and an opportunity to maybe get some work in to compensate for working for free for three months. I am really excited that I'll get a chance to go home, specially for a whole month. I also get a week off between the end of exams and the start of internship. I think my parents are thinking about visiting that week and I am really excited for that too! They have yet to see my new house or to be on island at the same time as me since I moved here for school. As a bonus I wont have any classes or school work to have to worry about during their visit, I can bum around the island with them and actually enjoy the week.

I also went for lunch with Jessica and Lydia today. I have been hearing for the last few years about how amazing the curry is at Churchill Arms and I was not disappointed. We each got a different type of curry so I got to try a little of everything. I'm not sure if the actual curry was really good or if it had just been so long since I had had curry last that made it taste so good. Either way I recommend checking it out if you're ever in Charlottetown.

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