Saturday, January 2, 2010

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

I am sure that with 2010 officially underway, as are many more blogs such as this one. I've been meaning to start writing a blog for a while, I created this page in the summer, but there never seemed like a good time to start. I'm not sure why I was waiting for one but it didn't feel right to just randomly start writing one day out of the blue. So here it is, January 2nd, and embracing the new year and a chance for a fresh start, I begin my adventures in cyber space with this blog.

My new years eve was fairly uneventful, I went to see Avatar in 3D with Geoff, his friend Ben and Ben's girlfriend Nika. The theater was packed and we ended up having to sit at the back of the front rows, and with the intense 3D animation it was a little nauseating at first until I got used to it. The movie was pretty good, definitely worth seeing, specially if you're into the whole animation and effects aspect of movies. (I have to admit though, if you are only going to see one movie this season, my recommendation is Invictus) After the movie we split 6 pounds of wings between us and a pitcher of beer before heading to Courtney's to ring in the new year. It was just the five of us at Court's, one of the most chill new years eves I have had but it was kind of nice not to have any expectations going into the night. In my experience, New Years Eve is one of the most over-rated nights of the year, so my goal this year was to have no expectations and just lay low, which I think I accomplished quite nicely.

Over the Christmas holidays, I have become addicted to hot yoga at a new studio near my house. Yoga and I have a love hate relationship. While I'm practicing, I spend a significant amount of time hating my life; I'm dripping with sweat, my legs and shoulders are burning, and all I want to do is get to the part of class where I can lay my right ear on the mat, catch my breath and relax a bit. But since I have been going fairly regularly (almost every day for the last 2 weeks) I can feel myself getting better at it. Today I had an epiphany in Wheel and was able to increase my range of motion and my endurance in the position and it pumped me up big time for the rest of class and I am now anxious to get back on the mat tomorrow. The love comes after I'm done the class. I feel so tall, lean and my posture is improved. There is enough challenging strength moves that I feel strong and tired as though I have had a good workout. My legs are shaky but my head is clear and I feel motivated. One of the owners of this studio has podcasts on itunes that I have downloaded and am excited to try out when I get back to school.

I was supposed to fly back to school today, but a major winter storm is currently hitting the Maritimes and all of the flights to Moncton, Halifax and Charlottetown airports have been canceled. I arrived at the airport a couple hours early this afternoon to ensure I didn't get stuck in any crazy airport security lines since the airports are reporting major delays and long lines due to the attempted attack on that plane going into the states. I didn't anticipate too much of a wait because I was only flying within Canada but thought I'd rather be on the safe side. I got through security no problem and had to wait at the gate for a little over an hour before we were supposed to board. A girl sitting at my gate passed out and was surrounded by airport paramedics, eventually being taken away in a stretcher to the hospital, complaining of double vision, dizziness and balance issues, as well as feeling disoriented. She was about my age and traveling alone to BC, and the airline actually offered to send a westjet staff member with her if she wanted but she declined. I don't blame her, being in the hospital is bad enough, having a random stranger to make conversation with the whole time would be even worse. I always get enough of that in the waiting room anyways. The airport was a bit of a zoo in general. There were police escorts for the passengers coming off flights to baggage claim, there were extra security check points that US bound passengers had to pass through and a sense of heightened anxious energy throughout. After about 2.5 hours waiting at the gate, they finally announced that the flight was canceled and that we would have to go to baggage claim, pick up our luggage, then troop all the way back up to arrivals and wait in a "special" line in order to rebook the flight. They failed to mention that it would be another 40 minutes before our baggage arrived at the carousel, and that the line would take an hour to get through. I was lucky though, my parents only live 20 minutes away and were able to pick me up. There were many people who lived hours away from the airport and were unable to go anywhere except a hotel for the night. Since so many flights were delayed, and the increased holiday traffic within the airlines, I have to wait 2 days before I can fly out. Not a big deal, I get to spend an extra day and a half at home, I can get in a some more yoga and shopping before heading back to the island and I get a last chance to see friends and family before being back at school for another 4-5 months.

I have had a song from yoga class stuck in my head all day, hence the title of this blog post (although I figured it was also quite fitting since it's officially a new year and such). I couldn't find the music video, but here's the link to the song on youtube:

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