Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Step Closer...

Today I received the exciting news that I have been granted an interview for the dietetic internship here at UPEI. I am pretty sure that everyone who applied is going to be interviewed but regardless I am officially one step closer to being an intern than I was yesterday. I'm not nervous yet, I still have two weeks before the interview. At the moment, I'm actually more stressed out about what to wear than what to say in the interview. A final decision regarding the internship should be made by February, which is nice and soon and means no long, dragged out waiting process.

I did my first P90X workout today, consisting of mostly push-ups and chin-ups. Age just bought the dvds and the chin-up bar and I am very excited to start using it. I don't plan on being hardcore and doing it everyday like they say, but I think it will supplement swimming and such quite nicely. I'm not sore yet, although I had some issues doing fly in the pool today so I'm expecting to hurt tomorrow. Should be fun! Age did this plyometrics dvd today which was basically just her jumping around the living room for an hour but since my jumping skills are so abysmal, I think it would be a good one for me to try next. Rach said the swim team does the 'Ab Ripper' dvd and apparently it's killer. That one is scheduled for tomorrow...6 pack here I come!

I made my first Kijiji purchase today, and am a little bit excited about it! I have an Ikea clothes drawer contraption but it disintegrated last semester and consequently there are now clothes all over my room. So I found a dresser that conveniently fits nicely inside my closet. I am hoping to road trip out to the boonies to pick it up on Sunday. I am contemplating buying some fun colored spray paint to make it awesome. Either way I'll make sure I post pictures once it's home.

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