Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Whew, so it's been a really busy few days but I think I am finally pretty much settled back at school. After my flight was canceled, I went back home and got to spend some more time with the fam jam and got to hang out with the girls one last time. We had been planning to all get together all break but all of our plans fell through. There were only four of us left at home but it was still nice to have more than two of us in the same place at the same time to hang out and catch up. I always forget how much I miss everyone.

After a 2 and a half hour delay at Pearson, I finally got back to the island the afternoon before classes started. Conveniently, Sam, Age and I all arrived back at roughly the same time. But when we got back into the house, it was only 7 degrees Celsius! We quickly learned that the heater was not working and so the landlord came to check it out. We live in a heritage home in PEI, so the heater is in the basement, which is only accessible by a staircase that is in the closet and covered with a piece of plywood. The basement itself has a mud floor and walls and, quite frankly, is extremely scary looking, I have yet to be down there, and doubt I will be anytime in the near future. Turns out a part was missing. How a part from an oil heater randomly goes missing still leaves me slightly confused, but the repair guy was called and by midnight we had heat again. Not exactly the ideal first day back but it could have been worse, at least none of the pipes froze.

The good news is that Earl is still alive! I was a little worried by some obscure texts from the twins who were feeding him over the break that read "is it normal for him not to eat or move off the bottom of the tank?" Anyone who has ever had or knows anyone with a turtle knows that they will eat everything and anything you put in the tank, so I was prepared to see him floating belly up when I got home. Not to mention that due to the storm and the flight delays and such he had not been fed for two days. He doesn't seem to have minded very much though, and back to his usual self tried to eat my fingers when I was feeding him some apple today.

Still inspired by all the yoga I was doing over the break, I tried out one of the podcasts that one of the studio's instructors has on itunes. It's a lot harder to do yoga in your bedroom by yourself than in the studio with the heat and the instructor and classmates. I wasn't really into it and was disappointed by how unfocused I was while doing it. I am hoping that I will get better at being able to practice by myself. On the bright side, I think it may have been the first time I have ever broken a sweat in this freezing cold house, so I must have been working harder than I thought. I also had my first swim practice since I've been back from the break today. We ended up doing a kinda boring set, but it was a decent intro back into swimming after almost 3 weeks off. The set consisted of a little bit of everything; 800 w/u, 7X100, 600, 6x150 and 10x200. We did a solid 5km and it felt great to get back into the pool, even though my skin is already burning off from the chlorine.

Classes have started and this semester is looking like a lot of work so far. Luckily I'm taking 4 nutrition courses, so I will hopefully at least like the material. The internship applications were due yesterday, so an announcement regarding who is being asked for an interview should be sent out within the coming week, so my fingers are crossed!

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