Monday, January 11, 2010

The first weekend of the semester is officially over and it's back to reality. The weekend itself was pretty uneventful. Saturday I worked all day; it was nice to get back into the routine of working and see everyone. I didn't work much over exams and I went home for Christmas so it had been a solid 3 weeks since my last shift. Nothing new and exciting is going on at work, same old. On Sunday, Sam and I ventured out of town to check out the dresser I found on Kijiji. It belonged to this really nice older couple, (who happened to be eating a delicious breakfast of hard-boiled eggs and toast at the time of our arrival) and was basically in perfect condition. It's super old-school and not exactly the prettiest dresser in the world but it fits perfectly in the nook behind my door.

Sunday afternoon, we did a lactic acid swim set. It was tough but really fun. At the end of the second last set we did what was called a 'hero swim'. The coach wrote one of our names on the white board, with a time beside it, neither of which we could see. If her chosen 'hero' swam the 100m in the time she allotted or less, the entire team would get to be finished the workout, if the hero did not succeed, then the whole team had to swim the last set. Alexander was our hero and rocked his 100 IM. It always surprises me how much more you have to give when something is on the line. I think 80% of the team would have succeeded had they been the hero. It was a super fun practice and made me remember why I love swimming so much.

After practice I came home and did my very first day of P90X. I have decided to go all out and just go for it. I wasn't planning on it at first but I figured why not right? I'm due for a major switch up now that I'm not training for paddling anymore. I've been doing the same types of weights and workouts for years now, and to be honest, feel a little lost at the gym without a program to follow. Worst case scenario, I lose 90 days of my life and see no results. But what's 90 days in the grand scheme of my life? Practically a blink. So 90 days from now, my fingers are crossed that my transformation will be infomercial worthy. I had to work again tonight. There are 3 of us that have all recently started the work out program so it was definitely a topic of conversation.

I am currently chilling out watching the bachelor with Sam. A nice chill evening before another jam packed day tomorrow.

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