Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lost and Sounds

What happens to those text messages and e-mails that get sent but never received? I suppose there are an infinite number of unread messages floating around in cyber space somewhere. Text messages are like socks, they always seem to get lost. Although I must admit, it's awfully easy to shrug someone off who accuses you of not responding to their message by telling them you never got it, when in reality you just had no desire to respond. I'm beginning to think that there is no collection of lost messages floating around anywhere, just a lot of dishonest people. I'm not going to lie, I am guilty of pulling the old "oh really? You messaged me? I never got it! Hmm..that's weird...sorry"

My car is dunzo. It's beginning to sound as though there is a small child dying inside it every time I brake or coast or turn. I chauffeured the mechanic around the block so he could witness the sound and attempt to give me a diagnosis but he wasn't completely sure so I'm dropping it off at the garage tomorrow morning and then walking to class from there. I always feel like a huge bimbo walking into garages, and I'm pretty sure they can smell my lack of knowledge the moment my little blonde head steps through the door. I am always afraid that I am going to get ripped off but I wouldn't really even know if I was. I have no experience with cars, I have no idea how much they cost to fix, and I'd have no idea if I was being bamboozled. At this point all I know is that cars should not sound the way mine does, and that come Monday, it needs to get me to Summerside everyday.

Kenya application packages are due on Monday, but I've been so busy with class that mine still remains in fragments of random thoughts that I have yet to string together into a cover letter. I am excited for the interview process; I don't mind interviews at all and it will give me a chance to really expand upon my previous experience in Kenya and all the reasons why they should pick me. The hard part is conveying how badly I want to go and how passionate I am about the projects they are doing down there in a one page letter. Once the last day of class is over tomorrow, I will be free of homework and assignments for one final weekend this summer and will have lots of time to work on it. I should probably do something epic for my final weekend, but at this moment the only thing that sounds appealing is sleeping. I am hoping to make up a big pot of chilly and a big pot of soup to store in the freezer in individual sized portions to take in my lunch when I'm too lazy to actually make something in the mornings.

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