Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bitter Sweet

My long awaited freedom from the endless to do lists that lovingly accompany university has not exactly played out like I had anticipated. I'm three days into my summer holidays and I am already bored. Day one consisted of watching 3 movies and way more tv than I have all semester combined. Day two consisted of getting my hair cut, grocery shopping and going to work. I must admit. I love getting my hair cut and I love grocery shopping, so day two was nice despite being a little boring in the afternoon. If grocery shopping was a profession, it would definitely be my job of choice. Picking out produce and imagining the hundreds of things you could make with each vegetable, finding out that your favorite yogurt that you never buy because it's expensive is on sale, picking out a new vegetable you've never cooked with just to add excitement to your life, reading the nutrition facts label on everything and carefully going up and down every aisle even though you know you probably won't buy anything in aisles 6-9 but you go up them anyways just in case something jumps out and provides some unexpected inspiration. What's not to love? I actually have to restrain myself from going into the grocery store because it is impossible for me to go in without coming out with, at the very least, a basket full of stuff. It's probably the only thing that is guaranteed to calm me down when I'm grumpy or mad, and cheer me up when I'm down. I am aware that this quite possibly makes me a freak of nature, and I'm ok with that. ( I can just console myself by going grocery shopping!)

Today was day three, another uneventful day. I seem to be spending a lot of time at Starbucks, either with my book that I am finally finding time to read and will hopefully finish in the near future (I've been reading the same book since Christmas, it's about time I get er done and move on to the other 4 brand new books I have waiting for me on my bookshelf) or various friends that I sucker into keeping me company. I am addicted to grande americanos, both hot and cold in nature. Although I learned that iced americanos are cheaper than hot ones, by a whopping 12 cents per grande. I guess you actually do learn something new everyday!

Going into this break, I had marvelously grand ideas about what I would accomplish and what hobbies I would take up and all the super productive things that I would do to replace the time I normally spend in class or doing school work. So far none of the above have actually materialized. Having the time to relax is bitter sweet. The more time you have, the more you waste, and boredom breeds boredom. The more bored I am, the less motivated I am to actually get off my butt and do one of the many things on my list. I have a list for absolutely everything. In fact, I have a whole notebook dedicated to nothing but my various lists. I have a giant white board that Alex made me in grade 12 wood shop hanging on my wall in my bedroom that is also cluttered with several different lists. It's the only way I can keep everything straight and remember everything. I go a little bit crazy unless it's written down in a list with a title. The title is key.

I am hoping that tomorrow will be the end of boredom. I'll be up early to volunteer in the morning so my fingers are crossed that being up and at em by 6:30am will encourage me to be more productive throughout the rest of the day. I think for most people it would motivated them to do nothing else but nap all afternoon, but I seem to operate on an all or nothing principle. Go big or go home I suppose. I will either get a million things done or nothing. I'm aiming for option number one.

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