Thursday, April 22, 2010

Corndog Love

This week has been seemingly busy but I haven't actually done anything. On Tuesday we had an information meeting about the potential trip to Kenya that's being offered conditional upon funding and it made me even more excited. The problem is I have a tendency to get excited for things way prematurely. Half the time they don't even end up happening, and the other half of the time I get so amped up that nothing could possibly live up to the expectations I have formed in my head. It's kind of like when you have a picture of something you want in your head and so while shopping for it you just can't find what your looking for because it probably doesn't even exist. So in terms of the trip, they are going to go through with the application process and pick two students and cross their fingers the funding will work out. If we do get the funding, than the chosen two students will be packing their bags and booking flights. Applications aren't due until next week so I have until then to figure out and write a letter stating why they should choose me and how I would be an asset to the team while I'm in Kenya etc etc. The typical application letter. I like to think I have a good chance at getting to go (theres only 8 or 9 people who are applying) but I can't think of anyone who is applying that I would automatically rule out as unqualified to go or who I don't think would do the job awesomely once there.

Yesterday I got to go to my first school visit with the SNAP project. SNAP is the Student Nutrition and Activity Project and is a research initiative being conducted by one of my profs. Every three years they go into the schools and record the heights and weights of all the grade 5 and 6 students island wide, and conduct dietary recall questionnaires to determine if the new school nutrition policy is effective, and to keep tabs on the health of PEI's students. Yesterday 6 of us went into a school in Souris and conducted the research on 6 different classes. Kids are hilarious and I am already excited to go into another school on Friday. I was surprised how well behaved the classes were - I definitely don't remember my grade 5 and 6 classes being nearly as calm and quiet. Unfortunately, because of internship, this week is the only week I've been available for data collection, so I'll only get to go into the schools twice (yesterday and tomorrow). Souris PEI is awesome. It's really pretty and is apparently home to one of the nicest beaches on the Island so I'm thinking of a road trip out this weekend at some point. I'm not working at all this weekend and both my roommates will be gone so I'll likely be really really bored. It's also technically the last weekend of my summer holidays so I want to take advantage of it. I start classes next week for internship and then actual internship the week after so I've gotta cram as many fun things into the next two days as possible.

Last night was the last night that both Sam and Age are here on the island until September. Sam is going home for a week and Adrienne leaves to go home to BC for the summer while Sam is gone. We went out to Baba's Lounge for open mic to hear Age's boyfriend Chris play (who is supposedly amazing, but I have yet to witness his awesomeness) but he has caught the plague that is going around our house and didn't end up playing. That was kind of a bummer, but we decided we would go back next week better prepared to hear him play to make up for not hearing him this week. We're thinking foam fingers and bedazzled posters that scream We Love CHRIS in ridiculous amounts of glitter. Lesson of the day: You can never have too much glitter. Regardless of missing out on Chris's super stardom, a few pitchers of Sweet O later and we all had a great time. Jess and Sarah joined us at Baba's and I learned that Sarah, who will be moving into Age's room in May, is actually from Brampton. How crazy is that? I only found this out because I mentioned Tiny Tom donuts and she was the only one who knew what they were, which led to a discussion about how fabulous the CNE is, which in turn led to us drooling over the thought of foot-long corn dogs lovingly deep fried by the carnies in the Midway.

The bridesmaid dresses for TJ and Lauren's wedding have been all picked out so my mission for the day is to track down a tailor in Charlottetown and to get all measured up (eek!) at some point before work today. Alex and Big Al flew home last night to visit and I am incredibly jealous. Except not so much jealous of Big Al who has to sleep on the slab on concrete my brother likes to call a bed that I somehow inherited last summer. If I went home all I would do is be eating; thai food, burritos, roti, dairy cream, sushi etc. Yummm...home is awesome. It's weird to think that there is a possibility I won't be there again until Christmas depending on how the Kenya thing works out.

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