Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dinosaur Bones

This big huge gigantic world that very few of us ever even see a portion of is shockingly small. I decided that I needed to escape from my bedroom where I had been holed up all day studying (or at least trying to amid the distractions of text messaging, facebook, internet..anything other then my textbooks really) so I ventured out to Starbucks to get my first iced coffee of the season and to experience a change of scenery. Although I'm not sure it really counts as a change of scenery since no matter where my butt was plunked I was still looking at the exact same pages of notes. Anyways, turns out they don't even have iced coffees yet (iiii know right?) so I settled for an iced americano and while I was waiting for it to be made, I noticed this guy who looked really familiar. He was talking to the barista guy about his band and how he's never been to Charlottetown but was playing at Baba's tonight. Just as he was about to grab his drink and leave it hit me. He was my grade 2 reading buddy! Whoa! I chickened out and didn't say anything to him though, although he was probably wondering why I was starring at him with a perplexed look on my face for so long. To confirm that it was him, I looked up the band playing tonight and they're from Toronto with a member named Joel in it so it's gotta be him. (ya I know, I'm a creep) It's such a freakishly small world sometimes. His band is called Dinosaur Bones and I would have gone to see them play in order to get a second chance at saying hi but I have a 9am exam tomorrow morning. It's probably a good thing actually...I can see the awkward confrontation playing out in my head now...

Me: Hey! Joel?
Joel: Uh hi?
Me: Just throwing this out there, you were my grade 2 reading buddy at Whiteoaks, small world eh?
Joel: riiiiight (slowly starts walking away backwards)
Me: Remember that time you bought me that Christmas present but your sister told me on the portable steps about it before you gave it to me so you were mad it wasn't a surprise?
Joel: Just throwing this out there, I don't actually know you.

I imagine it would go something like the above, primarily with me ending up looking like a huge creepy wierdo. I had the biggest crush on him back in the day bahaha. Oh man, good old grade two romances. He probably thought I was a creepy wierdo back then too.

Study breaks seem to be a common theme for me these past two days. Yesterday was epically hot and sunny out, and consequently I am sporting my first sunburn of the year. I have the bow of my swim suit burnt nicely into my back. As Age and I were laying out on our lawn learning, I decided we should take advantage of the heat and the fact that we live minutes from several beaches. We ended up driving out to Brackley Beach and jumping right into the ocean. The ocean, it turns out, is quite frigid this time of year. By jumping right in, I really mean we stood in the sand wondering why we thought this was a good idea. Finally I took the plunge first, waded out a bit, and when a wave came strategically flopped into it. Age went after me but I must admit, she stayed in longer than I did. I am sure there will be many more ocean flopping opportunities this summer for which I can not wait!

Tomorrow morning at 9am is the commencement of 5 exams in 4 days. It's going to be a crazy blitz of studying resulting in pen marks all over my clothes and hands, coffee rings on all my papers (and likely dribbles down my shirt), my hair in a permanent knot on the top of my head (if i haven't ripped it all out) and perhaps the disappearance of my sanity. I don't really get stressed out over exams. I have faith I am going to pass all my courses and I know that even if I don't, the world is not going to stop turning, my life won't end and it doesn't mean I'm a failure of life. It just means I need to shell out another 500 bucks to retake the course again next year. Either way, 4 days is not very long, which means that not very long from now it will officially be summer vacation!

Here's to flip flops, tan lines, and BBQs!

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