Sunday, April 25, 2010

Breakfast With Tiffany's

Weekends are fabulous. I'm fairly certain I say this every weekend. Weekends in the summer are the best kind though. It's sunny and warm and I have absolutely nothing that needs to get done. The first week after school was over was incredibly boring but this past week has been unreal. The perfect balance between working with both the SNAP project and at the pizza place, and leisure time was achieved. It's a little bitter sweet because I am finally getting into the hang of summer and feeling at home in Charlottetown, but I start classes for internship tomorrow. Summer is technically over already! I feel like I should be doing something extra exciting on my last day but my only plans are to have none.

Yesterday was the perfect Saturday. I woke up early and walked up to the farmers market then downtown for some java and some reading and then went grocery shopping followed by a run along the ocean. It was the second shorts and t-shirt run of the year! Compared to Monday when I was out in long spandex, a lifa and a coat it was a major improvement. Jess came over in the afternoon and we watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and polished off a bottle of wine. Neither of us had seen the movie and it's a classic that I feel like everyone has to see at least once. We both loved it, and I will probably watch it again a few more times before returning it. n fact, I'm watching it again right now while chowing down on some breakfast. After the movie we headed to Zen downtown for some sushi and sashimi. I had been there once before but it wasn't the best experience, but this time we actually got a table and didn't have to wait over an hour for food. Lexy finished her honors thesis on Thursday so last night was her night out to celebrate being done her undergraduate degree. Congrats Lexy!! Peakes, a Charlottetown bar that's open only in the summer, opened on Wednesday for the season so we headed there and it was packed! I have only been once before on my 19th birthday but I didn't remember it being so big! It was fun though and I'm sure I'll be going back a few times between now and when I leave PEI for the summer.

Adrienne left for BC yesterday where she's going to be spending her summer. It's a little bit sad she wont be around for the summer but she will be back. But until then I'll have to watch the Sound of Music alone from now on.

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  1. I can't believe I forgot to bring The Sound of Music back with me!!! How will I survive!