Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Freak

I went to get my measurements done for the bridesmaid dresses yesterday. It took literally two seconds and the ladies at The Wedding Place here in PEI were fabulous. I called the shop in Ottawa, where the dresses are being ordered, to give them my measurements and I was surprised by their reaction. I told the lady I was 5 feet and 7 inches tall without heels, which is maybe a bit above the average but by no means is it really all that tall. After I told her this, she hmmmmed and huhed and ummed and ahhhhed and then asked me to hold. She came back a few minutes later with a new list of things to get measured to ensure that the dress would be long enough. Really? Apparently in the bridesmaid dress world, being 5'7" makes me freakishly tall. I have a whole new appreciation for all those girls taller than me who I was (and still kinda am) jealous of for their height.

Although I love UPEI, being away from home definitely has it's downsides. The cost of traveling home makes it impossible to spend holidays such as Thanksgiving (my all time favorite holiday!), Easter and any other holiday other than Christmas at home. Between paddling and school I haven't spent a Thanksgiving with my family in probably about 6 years, and my track record for Easter isn't much better. It really sucks, but luckily I have some pretty stellar friends that have made me an honorary member of their families for various holidays over the years, although it's never the same as being with your own family. Not only have I missed holidays, but portions of vacations (for a week in Australia I was training while the fam jam did cool things) and my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary party that was apparently super fun just to say the least. The older I get the more I wish I could be home for those holidays and events and the more I realize how fabulous my family is. I can't say that I would ever regret missing out on so much because I truly have been extremely fortunate to be able to experience the things I have, despite having sacrificed time with my family to do so. I suppose the longer I'm away the more I appreciate the time I get at home; so this is my reminder to all of you to take time to enjoy your family and friends regardless of how annoying their little quirks are or how frustrating they can be at times.

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