Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Internship Day 3

Although I was positive that today would be better than yesterday it just did not turn out so. But instead of boring everyone with the gruesome details I am going to make a list of my favorite foods right at this second. This list changes everyday, but the following are what I'm wanting slash loving right now (in no particular order):

1. Chicken Pot Pie - the homemade kind preferably but I have yet to meet one I'd turn down
2. Brussels Sprouts - I have some in my fridge that are calling my name but I am too lazy to cook them this late
3. Plain Yogurt - my favorite brand right now is Stoneyfeild "Just Plain Perfect"
4. Blueberries - there isn't a single way you could serve them would would prevent me from eating them
5. TJ's Cinnamon Buns - gooey and warm and covered in cream cheese icing..hard to beat!
6. Ice Cream Sandwiches - the really cheap kind
7. Sausage Stuffing - I only get it once a year but it's the best day of every year
8. Colored gold fish - yes baked and not friend goldfish, the yummy snack the smiles back until you bite their heads off. (Thanks Sam...they actually are cheering me up!)
9. Chocolate and/or yogurt covered pretzels - so sweet and so salty with just enough crunch
10. Peanut butter - the perfect accessory to honey, banana, apple or right out of the jar with a spoon.
11. Burritos - Burrito Boys in PC or Da Kine Diego's in Florida are my top picks
12. Creamed Peas on Toast - It's not the same if I make it myself, Mom's is the best kind

If only I had all of those things right now! I suppose most of them would make my NGB Boot Camp session a little pointless though. Boot Camp was fun! It was pretty much an giant outdoor group leg circuit. Very similar to a P90X workout but more fun because instead of slaving away by yourself in your living room, you are with at least 20 other girls outside in the fresh air. Today's air happened to be really fresh and took a while for my hands to thaw out when I got home. I am positive I will be super sore tomorrow though, which was the plan! So if you see someone struggling to go up the stairwell in Dalton tomorrow say hi!

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