Tuesday, November 2, 2010

First Snow Fall

I had to brush snow off my windshield for the first time this morning! I was excited to see snow from the window of my nice warm house but as soon as I stepped outside I remembered why I love summer so much. I don't mind the cold, but PEI happens to be a wind vortex which makes the cold feel so much colder!

This morning I had an interview with a reporter from The Guardian, which is Charlottetown's local newspaper. She was interviewing Christina and I because she's writing a feature about the work we did in Kenya. I was a little bit nervous because I figured that I would likely say something stupid and then be quoted in the newspaper sounding like an idiot. I think it went well though and I'm looking forward to seeing the article. We took pictures with the aprons too which might end in disaster. We have more demand than we have aprons already, I can only imagine what is going to happen once they're in the newspaper! We could have probably brought back twice the number of aprons and still sold them all.

Tonight we have a presentation in front of the Farmers Helping Farmers Education Board. They want to hear our results from the school breakfast and lunch program evaluations we did. We had to spend the morning tweaking our power point presentation and preparing handouts for the audience with the data we collected on them. It seems as though this is never ending. As soon as we finish one presentation, we get asked to do another. It's great that people are so interested in what we did but it's been really time consuming! After tonight, I think we have about 3 presentations left, and a meeting with the Kenyan High Commissioner on the 15th, so we're in the home stretch!

I stepped into the grocery store today and it's already all decked out in Christmas! There are pyramids of Christmas baking supplies at the end of aisles, red ribbons wrapped around every fridge and shelves of Christmas novelty foods. I had to fight the urge to rush home to bake! My favorite seasonal Christmas food is white-chocolate mints. Unfortunately, it's only November 2nd and I think I may have already overdosed on them. Probably a good thing because it means I'll eat less of them from now until Christmas though.

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