Thursday, November 11, 2010

Too Soon?

Happy Remembrance Day! Here on PEI, it's actually a holiday, which means nothing is open and there is no school. This year we have a mini fall reading week so we have tomorrow off too. The timing is a little bitter sweet. It's perfect in terms of needing a break from school and getting a chance to get papers and assignments done on time, but it's horrible timing because it's too close to the end of semester to really be able to concentrate enough to actually be productive. My mind is in the Christmas gutter already! I'm fidgety, I can't concentrate in class and I have no motivation to do anything. My general rule is that as soon as Remembrance Day is over, I can officially blast the Christmas Carols and wear my Christmas socks. There are very few things better than putting on my Christmas socks for the first time of the year, and very few things more sad then having to pack them away until next year on boxing day.

I found my Christmas socks by accident in Value Village during my first year of University. I'm pretty sure I was on the hunt for either a) anything neon for our Ultimate Frisbee team uniforms, or b) an ugly Christmas sweater of some sort. They aren't even previously used...they are hand knit, have red and white stripes and have Christmas Trees on the sides made out of buttons. The description just doesn't do them justice. Unfortunately there are now holes in the soles from overuse though which is really quite tragic.

Adding to my inability to concentrate on school work is the yearly Christmas Craft Sales that are now happening Island-wide. This weekend alone there are about 6 different sales in various parts of the island. Jess, Sam and I went to one at the Civic Center this afternoon and Sam and I will be going to the epic TOSH craft sale in Summerside on Saturday. The booths sell everything, ranging from antiques to homemade crafts to baked goods to pottery to wooden snowmen to decorate the front of your house with. We mostly just wander around, rocking out to the festive tunes blasting from the loud speakers and look at all the cool stuff and occasionally find some fun gifts for people are a new pair of hand-knitted mittens. We got some sweet stuff this year though! Jess got an awesome sweater for her niece made my women in Peru, Sam got a delish chocolate covered caramel apple and I got some vintage Pyrex mixing bowls. Sounds lame, but I'm a sucker for anything kitchen related. In retrospect it was likely an impulse buy, but you can never have too many mixing bowls right?

Earlier this week, I checked out a newish (new to me, opened during the summer) hot yoga studio downtown. It's called Moksha and is right one the waterfront. I forgot how much I loved hot yoga until I went down for a class on Tuesday! I loved it so much that I decided to buy an introductory unlimited month so that I can go as often as possible between now and the time I leave for home after exams. I'm hoping that as school simmers down closer to exams I'll get to go almost daily. I'm also thinking it will likely be the ultimate exam study break.

With everything going on and the entire city slowly starting to become more and more festive (Starbucks and Superstore are already all decked out for Christmas and I'm loving it!) I can't help but sit here, starring at my list of things to do and wonder "Is it Christmas Yet?"

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