Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Procrastination at It's Finest

It's November. I am a University Student. At this point in the semester, teachers all get together and decide how they can possibly make life miserable for students and pick a single date in which they are ALL going to have major projects, case studies, tests and papers due. So instead of actually do school work to try to make it through the next few weeks alive, I decided that baking would be much more productive. Whenever I have an overwhelming amount of work to do, I procrastinate by a) calling people with the most minute details to share with them because it makes me feel like I HAVE to tell them this so that by calling them I am in fact being productive because I can cross HAVING to tell them the random useless thing off my list of things to do, or b) I bake. After the excitingly festive trip to the grocery store, and since it's the middle of the afternoon and anyone I would typically call has much better things to do in the middle of the day, I Decided that baking would be the perfect mid-afternoon time waster. I also happened to rock out to Christmas music while I did so. Too early? Quite possibly, but I couldn't help it when the snow started falling outside the kitchen window.

I didn't end up having all the ingredients I needed so I turned to my trusty kitchen companion....The Food Substitutions Bible. This book is awesome, and I use it all the time. It really sucks to have to run out to the grocery store just for that ONE missing ingredient, and often discourages me from tackling the impromptu cooking or baking project. Specially when the one missing ingredient is something you know you will likely never use again or won't use again before it expires or goes bad.

I also didn't have any knives. Well that's a lie, I had butter knives and a bread knife. Age moved out today and I completely forgot I didn't own any knives when I picked a Pumpkin Apple Bread recipe. Have you ever tried to peel and chop an apple with a bread knife? It's not the easiest thing in the world. I mostly picked the recipe because I had pumpkin in my fridge and I bought a new loaf pan today that I wanted to break in. Unfortunately, the recipe made a MONSTER loaf and it's taking forever to actually cook and as such I will likely be late for swim practice. It better be delicious and worth the wait!

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