Monday, November 15, 2010

Simon Says...

We met with the Kenyan High Commissioner today, Simon Nabukwesi. I wasn't exactly sure what the meeting would entail or what to expect from it. It was only supposed to be about 45 minutes and also in attendance were John the vet prof, Laura the vet student and the VP of academic research from the University (or something like that). It was fairly informal; we just ended up sitting around a table chatting. Simon wanted to know what our projects had been in Kenya, whether we enjoyed the experience, and what opportunities we saw for future students. Laura went first and Simon was really impressed and seemed really interested in her research. He has dairy cows on his farm in Kenya so her research was of particular interest to him. When Tuck and I began to explain our research and our projects, he interrupted us several times. We were explaining our data collection and analysis process at the schools and he asked us if we talked to the students directly...we had not...and then he spent 5 minutes telling us why we should have. We moved on to explain the work we did with the womens groups and he stopped to ask if we did any information sessions about family planning...we had he spent another 5 minutes telling us why it was important and why we should have taught the women about this subject.

It was pretty disheartening. It felt as though he was extremely unimpressed by everything we were proud to have accomplished this summer, and instead left wondering what the heck we were doing all summer. I wasn't exactly looking for his approval; I am proud of what we accomplished and of the ground work we were able to lay for future UPEI nutrition students. I'm proud that our research findings are being used in applications for further funding at the schools and that hundreds of students will be eating more nutritious meals everyday at school because of what we taught the staff and cooks. I guess it just would have been nice for him to have recognized how hard we worked and how much heart we put into everything we did while we were in Kenya this summer instead of making us feel like we didn't really do anything productive.

On the bright side, I got an e-mail notification that Food Network's Annual 12 Days of Cookies starts November 29th! This is 12 of my favorite days of the year. Everyday for the 12 days, Food Network emails a new holiday cookie recipe. Some of them are just meh, but there are a couple every year that are so delicious sounding and so pretty that I can't help but make a batch. I'm hoping this year lives up to previous years. I've got a good feeling that it will be spectacular!

Regis and Kelly are doing a week long Harry Potter extravaganza, with actors from the movies on every episode until Friday. I caught the tail end of Ron's interview this morning and will likely be tuning in everyday this week. It seems ridiculous that I still get so excited about Harry Potter, but I can't help it! I was in grade 6 when I read the first three books, and have pre-ordered every book that came out after that. The characters were my age or almost my age every time a new book came out, and the actors in the movies are 22 now just like me. I'm not really sure why I feel the need to justify myself. I will be in Halifax this weekend for a swim meet so I'll miss out on seeing it opening weekend but I'll be the first in line for Monday night's showing!

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  1. Hooray for 12 days of cookies! It's the happ, happiest season of all!