Thursday, May 13, 2010

This is just a quick note because I've managed to post every day this month except one and now feel pressured to keep up the good work.

I experienced my very first two difficult / crazy / extremely rude patients today, met with my internship coordinator and decided to cancel my food service placement for next month, decided to do 5 weeks of 10 instead of 10 of 10 weeks of my community internship placement in Kenya so that I could gain Canadian experience as well in the field of community dietetics, filled out my Visa application form and set up a meeting to figure out how I can get a course credit while in Kenya since I'm a course behind. I also made the most bad ass packing list ever created. The trick will be getting everything on my list into my backpack. I will share crazy pt stories tomorrow when I have more time, plus I'm in In Patients all day tomorrow so there are sure to be some additional crazy people stories.

Now to bed for the next 4 hours until I wake up again to do it all over! Gotta love Casual Fridays though...jeans are extremely fabulous.

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