Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beardcapped Zombies

T minus 11 hours until my alarm will be buzzing and I'll be dragging my butt out of my bed to get ready for my first day of internship. I am currently making copious amount of chili and soup to put in my freezer so I'll have things to pack in my lunch, printing off directions so I don't get lost and making a sweet mix tape to rock out to on the drive. I am extremely excited to get this internship business started. First there was a 3 year build up to the application process, and since there has been a build up to actually starting placements. This time tomorrow I should have a lot more to blog about though!

This weekend was pretty low key. I got my car fixed on Friday afternoon. It is no longer making a horrible noise and is running nice and smoothly and is seemingly good as new. I worked Friday through Sunday but still managed to squeeze in some shopping, and a dinner with the girls on Saturday night.

My application for the internship in Kenya is officially submitted and I should have an interview sometime next week. This time next week I should know if I'm a winner or not, and from there we'll just be waiting to see if we get the funding or not. While stumbling online, I came across a list of the most useless travel gear, which was randomly appropriate, and I came across this fabulous bearded cap. Perhaps it's true that it's a little bit useless to bring traveling (unless of course you're traveling to the arctic) but I think it would be perfect for those long against-the-wind walks to campus in the winter. And if 'the gentleman' style isn't really doing it for ya, you can always invest in 'the farmer' style instead. But beware, apparently there are fake beardcaps out there. The fake version even comes with optional add on Mario, Walrus or Fu Manchu staches. I think I know what'll be on my birthday wish list next September!

Tonight I'm going to a screening of a movie called Dead Run by Peter Murphy. He's a friend of a friend and was featured in this month's Buzz. It's a zombie movie and should be a good time! It's loosely inspired by Run Lola Run which I'm a huge fan of so I'm pumped! My friend Jess has been doing some acting in his current project so I'm stoked to see that movie too! I'll have a full film review tomorrow hopefully!

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  1. Let me know how the movie is. I love Run Lola Run too so I'm liking the concept!