Tuesday, May 11, 2010

KP Versus Machine

If my day was a movie, the robots and machines would have come to life and taken over the world. I was with the Out Patient RD this morning, and in celebration of Nurses Appreciation Week, we were giving coffee break nutrition sessions about healthy eating and shift work. My first task of the day was to get about a million different resources photocopied. No big deal. Except, she wanted them to be double sided. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to make normal, one sided copies for one of the resources. This is one of those GIANT photocopier, printer, fax machine type things like they have in important places like offices and such. While making copies may not seem like much of a feat, there are A LOT of buttons on that sucker. It does so many crazy things that it seemed like a miracle that I got it to do exactly what I wanted and only what I wanted. There were a lot of nurses all around me too so the pressure was on not to screw up. Not to mention the fact that my preceptor was waiting for these handouts. Now came the tricky part...creating a double sided handout out of two single sided handouts. First try was an epic failure. Not only did I not end up with a double sided handout, nothing printed at all. Finally, after doing the exact same thing 3 times in the hopes that it would eventually work, (I know, BAD idea! Clearly resending the job wasn't working and I had now sent 90 copies to be printed) and starring at the machine pressing random buttons trying to make it look like I knew what I was doing, I realized that it ran out of paper. Sweet! I could easily just add some more in! So I put in another package of paper and immediately everything started spewing out of the machine at once! Several print jobs from various offices, 90 copies of my handout that we NOT double sided like they were supposed to be and I don't even know what else. It was basically like witnessing photocopier diarrhea..it clearly had no control over what was coming out. Eventually I had the sense to cancel the copy jobs and stopped the printing at about 40 copies and saved myself the 50 copies left to be printed. At the time I thought that no one had noticed my photocopy FAIL but I must have been kidding myself. After that fiasco I just sucked it up and asked the nurse at the desk beside me who thought she knew how but didn't. Luckily I was smart enough to only make 1 copy until I could confirm it worked. Anyways, she proceeded to ask another nurse who asked someone else who then asked a janitor who then asked a patient's brother who was there visiting. Eventually someone figured it out, but by that time there were about 6 of us standing around the stupid photocopier scratching out heads and wasting paper. And these are the people keeping you alive in the hospital! Of course when my preceptor finally came to figure out where I was, I was just finishing up, and just kinda said "man it's a busy place! between paper jams and everyone trying to print everything all at once it takes forever to get copies done!" Luckily she agreed and said that it always works that way. I feel like a terrible person for lying but somehow I don't think they let you be a RD without being smart enough to at least make copies properly.

I had a ton of homework tonight and I learned last night that being at home makes me really unproductive because there are so many distractions and I get lazy and sleepy when I'm in my room because the only place to sit is on my bed. I have a desk but no desk chair. I need a couple war canoe blocks to kneel in! I headed to Starbucks to set up shop for a few hours and pound out some school work before coming home to watch Glee with Sam. I got about half way home from Starbucks and all of a sudden there was a horrific screeching coming from my car as if I was dragging my bumper across the ground behind the car. I pull over right away and got out and took a look thinking ' you have got to be kidding me! I just got this stupid car fixed!' Anyways, obviously it wasn't my bumper, but my muffler was just hanging out, no longer attached the the underneath of the car. Well shit. I had to get it home and didn't really want to drive the last 700m with the muffler dragging along the road behind me! I didn't really have much choice though, so I embarrassingly drove home with my muffler squealing along behind me. I called my Dad asap since I am pretty much the least car savvy person alive and he told me that if I could reattach the muffler to the bottom of my car with a wire coat hanger, and just needed to crawl under it and find places to hook the hanger onto. Picture me with a headlamp squirming my way under a car with a bent coat hanger in hand, clearly with no idea what I was doing. I somehow managed to get my muffler hooked back up high enough so that it doesn't appear as though it will drag anymore until I can take it to the garage to be fixed. I emerged from under the car covered in black, leaves in my hair, covered in dirt but so proud of myself that I showed off my blackened hands to everyone in the house. In the mean time I'm lucky to be able to carpool to Summerside. I am also extremely lucky to have the most fabulous roommate ever who is willing to drive me to meet my carpool at 645am!

I had my interview for the internship in Kenya after work this afternoon and by the time I got home from Summerside (about an hour later) I had an e-mail waiting in my inbox to congratulate me in my acceptance! Yahoo!! So in 40 days time I will be on a plane to Kenya with another Nutrition student, 4 nursing students and a couple professors. I am absolutely beyond pumped! I think I might even get a chance to go home for a weekend before I go to see everyone. I'll be able to grab my Swahili dictionary, Tilley Hat and some clothes I want to take with me, and maybe plan a big giant group dinner so I can see everyone before I go. There are no details yet to share since they just picked people today, but I'll keep everyone posted. Unfortunately this means no half marathon running this summer since I won't be here for it. Maybe if I ask nicelI'll pick up some running tips while I'm there! I'll be in the Mt Kenya region, and am going to see if there is any possible way I can climb Kilimanjaro while I'm there. I have no idea what my work schedule will be or if I get enough time off at any point to be able to venture down to Tanzania and up the mountain. I think I'm just dreaming now! Probably not very likely but time will tell!

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