Friday, May 7, 2010

If we work for a living, then why do we kill ourselves working?

I was invited to go out for lunch with my afternoon preceptor and some other dietitians and hospital staff this morning after I had already arrived with my packed lunch in tow. I was really torn because on one hand, I don't exactly currently have the finances to keep going out for social lunches with dietitians, but on the other hand it would have been a great opportunity to network and meet people in the field. One of the best parts about this internship is the opportunities it presents to meet and work with dietitians across several provinces and kind of get your foot in the door. So I felt bad turning it down, but since I am in fact paying someone to work full time, hopefully they understand and don't think I'm antisocial and lame.
My solo (ish) counseling session today ended up being more ish than solo. My client got overwhelmed with her current living situation (she's under a lot of stress: job, 2 kids under 3 etc) and actually started crying mid-interview. I also have not quite mastered the whole writing and talking about something unrelated at the same time thing yet, which is where my preceptor filled in the silences. I'm making it sounds like it was a total disaster, but I think it went ok. I guess I'm just expecting myself to be completely competent already after only a week. After this entire month, I'm only expected to be a novice or advanced beginner, which would mean I am incompetent of completing interviews on my own. I am discussing my performance today with my preceptor on Wednesday of next week to see how I did, where I went wrong, etc. Until then, my weekend is going to be filled with chart notes, research and presentations. On the bright side, it doesn't even seem like homework because it's actually relevant.

My interview for the Kenya trip is on Tuesday, so I should know more then. It's going to be a quick interview-decision-arrangements-leave process. Only a little over a month from departure.

It's now about 10 pm on a Friday night and I am pooped. I am not used to this whole working 8 hr days and commuting an hour each way thing. Mad props to all you working peeps out there.

Question of the day: if we work for a living, then why do we kill ourselves working?
Also, I came across a cake celebrating cupcakes. A cupcake cake. Or if you prefer, a cup(cake)^2 (read cupcake squared). I can't think of any better way to celebrate cake than with more cake!
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