Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Just throwing this out there....it is FINALLY spring in PEI! I wouldn't go quite as far as saying summer, but it's an improvement! A shorts and t-shirt run at 8pm is welcome any day. It was actually perfect running weather, hot enough not to need to bundle up but cold enough not to melt. Today was the first day nice enough to leave me starring longingly out the window from inside the hospital as we marched around visiting patients in various wings this afternoon.

It was a windows down, sunglasses on, barefoot, music blasting drive home. AKA Marvalous! And good news...after getting a new wheel bearing a few weeks ago, getting my muffler reattached and my oil changed, the Mary Kay is running nice and smoothly. I was informed, however, that a brake light was out and I need new tires. Nothing urgent though luckily. I'll fix the brake light this weekend (I'm becoming so car savy!) and wait til September for the tires since I'll be gone in less than 3 weeks. So if anyone is wondering what they can get my for my birthday....I would love a tire or two (or four).

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