Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Strawberry Overload

Until now, I did not believe it was possible to overdose on strawberries. But apparently eating two pounds of strawberries in one sitting is a bad choice. I can't move. My belly hurts. I think my heart may be failing. I'm sitting in the kitchen working on my non-diabetic hypoglycemia presentation for Friday and the berries were just sitting beside me on the counter. Without even thinking I finished em off, and then when they were gone, realized how much pain I was in. I feel like Violet Beauregarde, and may need an oompa loompa or four to roll me away and deflate me. If only I knew some....

Of course, since I'm working on my hypoglycemia presentation, all that's running through my mind is the pathophysiology of eating that much strawberry. I'm sure my glucose has spiked sky high causing a HUGE insulin response to prevent hyperglycemia. I'm sure my liver is busy converting all the excess glucose into glycogen to be stored there until I get hungry and need the blood sugar boost. I am also sure I am an absolute dork and really really need to learn how not to think about food. If I could go even ten minutes without some kind of edible thought I would dance around this kitchen with joy. It's quite pathetic actually.

Tomorrow is my last day of internship in Canada this summer, and quite possibly my last day of internship on PEI ever. I had my evaluation with my preceptors today and it went well, which was a relief! I wish I had remembered to wear a shirt that doesn't show sweat though because I had hard core nervous sweats going on before the meeting with them. I didn't anticipate any bad reviews, but you never know! I basically spent the afternoon awkwardly trying to do things normally without raising my arms. It involved quite a bit of flailing, I'm not going to lie. If you've ever tried to keep from your elbows up glued to the side of your body while still going about life as usual, you know what I mean. It was basically the opposite of those deodorant commercials where all the girls are secretly sniffing their arm pits to make sure they don't smell. I like to think that no one noticed, but at the same time I'm really glad that my evaluations were completed before I spent the afternoon looking like a complete crazy person. On the bright side I did learn an important lesson today. Always wear white or black on days you will be hot, nervous, or if you are just, in general a sweaty person. I am now going for a bike ride with Jess to attempt to deflate sans oompa loompa. I'm not very optimistic though...I also really wish I had weighed myself before the berries and again after...just to make sure I really got my moneys worth and got the whole 2 pounds!

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