Thursday, February 11, 2010

Revenge of the Rodent: The Sequel

This JUST in!

Mouse # 2 has been detected. But we suspect that this one may be hungrier, bigger and more bad ass than the first. That's just the way sequels roll isn't it? This time we're not messing more of this trying to be humane and giving him three chances. We're setting the real trap right away this time...tonight. Maybe they used team work last time to escape from the humane trap. Maybe there is a whole army of mice back to avenge the death of their fallen comrade. The one we've detected tonight is just trying to lure us into the cupboard by loudly munching cereal boxes and sweet potatoes, and then, as we peak into the cupboard to try to catch the rascal, BAM, the army is unleashed!

I suspect we'll be stocking up on traps tomorrow in preparation for war.

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