Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pancakes and Summer Camp

Yesterday was our very first meeting all together as interns with our coordinator Linda. It was long overdue, as we had all heard rumors and were questioning exactly what was going on this summer. Turns out that our schedule has had some changes and I will now be dunzo as of June 25th! That's about a month earlier than I thought, which means a whole extra month at home that I am available to work and be with family and friends, and maybe get in a paddle or two. Sounds absolutely fabulous right? Well it is...but there's a catch.

We were presented with a list of our options in terms of placements. There are two placements this summer, one in a clinical setting and one in food service. Each of the 10 options has a placement for May and a placement for June, and we have to email Linda notifying her of our first and second choices. The problem is choosing. For many of the options, one placement sounds fabulous but the accompanying placement for the opposing month is not so much ideal. I am particularly torn because the one placement (of all 20) that really jumped out at me as something I would love to do is a one week long overnight summer camp for kids with diabetes. The kicker is, the placement that accompanies the camp is two months of part time work instead of one month of full time work. This would mean being on the island for an extra month and home only for August. I am also really interested in gerontology, and many of the other combinations include one placement in a long term care facility, however the summer camp combo doesn't. But that being said, the summer camp option's clinical portion is doing home care visits with a dietitian, which interests me more than some of the other clinical options.

I keep flip flopping in my head, I'll convince myself I have made up my mind and log into my UPEI email account to e-mail Linda and then I'll pause, and my brain will get all mixed up again and I'll second guess my decision. I have asked basically everyone I know their opinion but I still really can't choose. Is one week of camp worth a whole month of groceries, bills, inability to work full time, and not seeing my family and friends from home? I have been reminded by a couple friends that it's really a win-win situation. Either I stay here and get to work at the summer camp, and experience a true PEI summer for the first time, or I get to go home a month earlier than I expected.

Before I was faced with this decision, I was able to enjoy a free pancake lunch on campus for Pancake Tuesday. Pancakes are one of those foods that I don't eat very often, but every time I do, I wonder why I don't eat them for every meal. How could you not love carbs drenched in butter and maple syrup? It's probably best that I am not eating them everyday for that very reason. It made me excited to go into the sugar woods with my sister and grandparents at some point in March. Might be my car's first trip across the bridge!

Side Note: the half pipe snowboarder from France drew a french mustache onto his face with a sharpie. It makes me laugh but I'm wondering if it's offending anyone from France. I am also wondering why I keep getting the urge to add lame little clip art pictures to this blog (exibit A and B above) thinking that they are in fact sprucing it up. I will attempt to add actual photos more often from now on.

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