Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Fever

Despite being absolutely buried in school work due in the next week, I can't help but be sitting in front of the television as much as possible watching the Olympics. I keep telling myself I can be a multitasking super star and get to watch and study but we all know that's not happening. I really don't mind though. The winter Olympics only happens every four years, meaning that for only two weeks of my entire University career I can be a slacker without feeling guilty. Speaking of Olympics, we won another silver medal today in the Mens Snowboard Cross. Exciting race, I've seen the replay about five times and still cheer out loud every time he comes second.

By the phrase 'we won' I really mean Mike Robertson, but somehow at the Olympics singular identities become more elusive and all of a sudden everyone takes responsibility for our athlete's triumphs. This is true for the majority of the medals, but the more epic performances launch the athlete into super stardom and their names are never forgotten. I find my self flipping through the channels trying to find coverage and getting frustrated at Access Hollywood even being on during the Olympics. Who could possibly even care about the latest celeb gossip right now? And Jeopardy, I love that show but unless every episode is Olympic themed for the next two weeks it is quite frankly a waste of a channel that could be broadcasting one of the many sports that we only ever get to witness during the Olympics like luge and skeleton and bobsled and snowboard cross and moguls and biathlon and basically every other winter Olympic sport other than hockey.

However, with productivity at an all time low, my spirits seem to be an an all time high. Funny how that works. I am starting to get extremely pumped for my trip to NYC. This time next week I'll be strolling around downtown New York undoubtedly doing something amazingly awesome. I've been asking around to find out what I should do, see and eat in NYC and so far it seems as though I will be eating A LOT next week, and I won't lie, I am completely ok with this. I am still looking for suggestions though so feel free to keep em coming! I think I might have to outfit myself from head to toe in team Canada gear while I am there though. Unfortunately if I want to do fun things in NYC, I will have to sacrifice couch time. Not the greatest timing but I'll make it work and somehow manage not to miss too much. On the bright side at least the time difference works in my favor.

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