Thursday, February 4, 2010

And Then There Were Three...

Exciting news! Our fourth roommate, who happened to be eating all of our food in the middle of the night is now officially dunzo. We eventually had to resort to a real mouse trap because the humane trap failed miserably on several occasions. So in one try the good old traditional trap worked like a charm. I think we're going to set another trap tonight just in case there are more, but I'm hoping we don't find another mouse belly up tomorrow morning.

This week has been ridiculously busy at school. It's been one of those weeks where I feel like I've been in a rush to do absolutely everything and as a result everything has suffered. I got everything done, yes, but not very well, at least not to my standards. This is the first semester I've ever been forced to settle for that and it really isn't easy. But sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do.Something I am trying to and am having issues with accepting.

My Dad is in town (well on the east coast) this week to do some car shopping for my sister and I! It's very exciting for several reasons: a) This time next week I will have my very first car, b) I get to see my dad! It's also exciting because having a car will make it a lot easier to go visit my siter and my grandparents in Amherst and Sackville. Although it's only a hour and a half away, I only realy ever make it over the bridge once or maybe twice a semester. It will also make it a lot easier to get to swim practices and the grocery store and to run errands etc. I'm still not sure what I did to deserve a car but I appreciate it!

The past three years have been spent walking everywhere by lack of choice, and while this can be annoying and time consuming, at the end of the day it's kind of nice. I always resent it a bit while I'm piling on the layers but once I'm out walking I'm (almost) always glad I am. I am really hoping that having a car will allow me to do everything I have yet to be able to here on the island, but at the same time won't make me lazy. I still hope to walk to work and downtown (when it's not too bitterly windy) but I know it'll take a lot of will power not to just jump in the car. It's so easy to just rely on the car all the time for little tasks that are just as easy to walk to or bike to. Every summer I come home and tell myself that I will walk to the grocery store when I'm home but I never end up actually doing any more walking.

It's been freakishly cold here on the island so I opted for a treadmill run today between class and lab. I was in the second row of treadmills and the girl running in front of me was too funny. She was listening to an ipod and not only was she running, but she was busting mad moves at the same time. She had her hands pumping, her head bobbing and was loving her life. It made my day for sure. I was a little envious actually. I was not having nearly as much fun as she was as I was dripping and huffing and puffing. Whenever I do get the urge to dance up a storm at the gym, which is often because my ipod is magic and always plays exactly what I want to hear at exactly the right time, I am always way to self conscious to actually throw a fist pump or two in the air. But I have officially added dancing on the treadmill to my list of things to do before I die.

Tomorrow morning is the first session of Atlantic University Swimming Championships hosted by UPEI and although I don't have any races tomorrow, I am very excited for the meet to get underway. We got our new team jackets today and they look really sharp on everyone, they're nice black soft shells with UPEI Swimming, the panther logo and our initials embroidered on them. I haven't raced yet this year because of my ticker and it's potential to malfunction but I decided I would race at AUs. I race on Saturday morning and Sunday morning and since my dad is here, it'll be the first time he's seen me swim since I swam Esso swim when I Was like 5. I like racing in the pool because since I'm just quasi starting and learning, the improvement rate is huge which is always fun. Plus I don't really have a ton of expectations going into races. Obviously doing personal best times and swimming well is always the goal but there's no pressure to perform, no teams I'm trying to make and no one (including myself) has any preconceived ideas about how fast I should be, who I should be beating etc. It makes racing so much fun! I haven't been this excited to race in a really long time.

As for now I need to hydrate and get lots of sleep before the big weekend, And also attempt to contain my excitement about seeing my dad and getting a car! I may have to learn how to drive standard, which will be quite the adventure since I have major spastic tendencies. Either way I hope to update this blog more often than I managed to last week so it will be a well documented learning experience!

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