Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Olympics have been underway for a few days now and I have already watched more TV in the last few days than I have all semester. 3 days in and it's already been epic. Unfortunately we don't get CTV so we haven't had the chance to literally sit in front of the TV 24/7 watching; we catch some on OLN, some on TSN and some on NBC so it works pretty well. I definitely have olympic fever, and am pumped to watch again tonight!

I had a really great weekend. Unfortunately though, the social aspect meant I missed Jenn Heil win her silver medal on Saturday night. It was a friends birthday so a bunch of us got together, ate cupcakes, cookies and jello, and then went out dancing. We ended up going to the sketchiest bar in Charlottetown and I was reminded of why I haven't been since I was in first year, but I was with a super fun group of girls so it kind of made up for the horrible DJ, the 50 yrs old cougars and the major creepers.

Last night was Valentines day, and I spent the day at work. Pizza doesn't really attract to many love birds so we were pretty slow and I got to do an extra good job sweeping the dining room while watching biathlon on the restaurant television. The Canadian Jean-Philippe Le Guellec came 6th in the 10 km sprint, a best ever result for Canada in that sport. After work, Sam and I went over to Cindy's for some fajitas and frozen peanut butter pie and to watch more olympics. Cindy is an awesome host, and had an entire feast for us when we got there, with everything down to the salsa made from scratch. So good.

We watched history be made after dinner when Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada's first gold ever on home soil. Cindy, Sam and I were literally jumping off the couch when he won. So exciting! Moguls are super fun to watch to begin with, and team Canada kicked ass, with a 1st, 4th, 5th and 11th. Not to shabby eh!
After dinner Sam and I continued our rounds and stopped by Lexy's for some wine and to share the left over dessert from Cindy's. It was low key and chill and we all just chatted for an hour or so until we decided it was late enough that we were allowed to go home. Today is Islander Day so we get a long weekend and have no school which is fabulous because we also have a quiz and a midterm tomorrow. Which I have yet to even open a book for. It doesn't really seem fair that life still must go on as normal during the olympics. I think it should be declared an international holiday and the whole world should just shut down for two weeks in celebration.

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  1. I agree about the idea of having an international holiday for the Olympics. At least for the winter Olympics because they are so much fun to watch. It only happens once every four years...I think that there should be at least some forgiveness during this time.