Monday, March 28, 2011

Sugar Woods and Athletic Letters

Saturday, Sam and I packed up her car with my bed and headed out bright and early Saturday morning to Sackville to delivery my bed to my sister and then to visit my grandparents in Amherst. We weren't sure if my bed was going to fit into the fit so we tested it out Friday night and realized that it stuck out the end about a foot and that we'd need to bungee the trunk down to make it work. This was really the only opportunity I had to move my bed across the bridge so we made the best of it and at about 8am on Saturday morning, armed with tarps, bungees and coffee, we took my bed apart, lugged it into the driveway and crammed the mattress, boxspring and bed frame into the car, wrapped it all up in tarps so the snow on the highway (yep, a few cm of fresh snow at the end of March...not cool) wouldn't get it all wet and then bungeed the whole thing together as tightly as possible. We didn't have anything to keep the tarp secured around the mattress and box spring so being the creative girls that we are, we resorted to christmas present wrapping ribbon. I was tempted to curl the ends just like the christmas present it looked like but decided that having pretty curls flailing from the back of the car would only draw more attention to them and our gangsta car packing job. We even got laughed at by a hitchhiker who, upon seeing the car, just laughed and put his thumb down since we obviously didn't have room. I'm sure the fact that two young, giant sunglass laden girls were in the front seat sipping coffee didn't help.

We spent the afternoon walking through the sugar woods in Nova Scotia.
I have been lucky enough to have made it to the sugar woods three of the four years I've been on the island but Sam and Big Al had never been so Alex and I had the pleasure of their company. It was a tad cold for the sap to be running but by the time we walked all the way back to the very furthest camp, the sap had started to run. Grampi was our unofficial tour-guide and taught us about every single step in the maple syrup making process and I think it's safe to say that if there is ever a Jeopardy category on Maple Syrup production, he would be the champ. I'm sad that I won't be around to join in on the sugar woods tradition next year! I might need to find one closer to home to make up for missing out in Nova Scotia.

Sunday night was the UPEI Panthers Athletic Banquet. Everyone gets all fancied up and awards are given out to each team and the AUS and CIS award winners are recognized. It's normally held on campus but this year they had it downtown at The Mac and it was definitely an improvement! There's something so much classier about a semi-formal event when it's not being held in the student union cafeteria on campus. I ended up getting nominated for the "Passion For Life Award" and winning the "Coaches Award" neither of which I was expecting at all so it was very exciting! I also got my athletic letter since I'm graduating this year! I'm not really sure what I'm supposed to do with it now, but for some reason it was the highlight of the night. After 3 years of on again off again competing, I now have a lovely P to show for it. If only I had a varsity leather jacket to put it so I could kick it old school. Last night was officially my last night as a UPEI swimmer! It's sad but I'm so glad I joined the team in my second year. My only regret is not joining the team a year earlier.

And now it's back to the grind after a fun but very unproductive weekend! I thought that knowing it was my last Monday morning of classes EVER might make it easier to drag my butt out of bed this morning but no dice. I also learned that my paper on the History of Roti (yep, I'm actually writing a history of one of my favorite foods, roti and it's worth 20% of my final know you're in foods and nutrition when...) is actually due Wednesday and not Friday! Oops! Consequently I spent the afternoon joining twitter instead of finishing up my research and writing the stupid thing, which I justified by telling myself it was my last week to ever procrastinate on school work so it was ok. My yoga studio opens back up today after a week of renos so I'm pumped to sweat it out tonight and check out the new and improved facilities!

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