Friday, March 11, 2011

Relay For Life

In less than a month I'll officially be done school, and anxiously awaiting my final marks to determine if I'll actually be walking across the stage in May to accept my diploma. It doesn't feel as though I'm almost done, classes are still in full swing, even fuller swing since we've hit end of term everything is due all of a sudden madness. I don't seem to have nearly as much to do as everyone else, or I'm just way less stressed out about it so it's actually been a bit of a breeze so far. I've likely just jinxed myself.

This past Friday was UPEI's Relay for Life. It's a 12 hour walk-a-thon to support and raise money for Cancer research, organized through the Canadian Cancer Society. The swim team had committed to volunteering at the event before I knew that FANS (Family and Nutritional Sciences) was putting a team in. I showed up a couple hours into the event and lucky for me there seemed to be way too many volunteers and no one noticed me slip onto the track to walk with my FANS team. I didn't end up actually doing any volunteering at all. I showed up, they gave me a name tag and a free t-shirt and then told me they'd come find me if they needed me, which they never did. I walked for a few hours, hung out at our tent with the team and ate delicious snacks that every one contributed and pretended like I was part of the team for a few hours. The FANS girls each dressed up like a different sandwich topping and ended up winning the "Most Team Spirit" prize! I keep wanting to say "we won" instead of "they won" because the team was awesome and I wish I had been a part of it. Realistically, I could have stayed all night if I had REALLY wanted to and technically been part of the team. I wimped out though. I stayed until about 1am, got to see the Luminaria ceremony where they turned off the lights and lit candles in honor of, or in memory of participant's loved ones, followed by some live bands playing "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen and "Arms of the Angel" by Sarah McLachlan which accompanied tears and high emotions for many. I packed it in and headed home around one because I wanted to get up in time for my 8am Spin class followed by my 10am hot yoga class downtown. I felt a little bit guilty for leaving for such selfish reasons but in retrospect it was the right choice.

I'm loving my membership at Dynamic! I've been hitting up spin classes, total body blast class, pilates and hot yoga almost everyday last week and am planning to do the same this coming week. It's so fun to switch up my workout routine, especially since I'm not really training anymore. All I know how to do it the same things I've always been doing in the weight room, and while I still love lifting weights and training, I think I needed a break from it. The membership has allowed me to push myself in completely different ways than I'm used to! It feels as though every single muscle in my entire body has been sore since last Saturday, which feels amazing after an eight week hiatus from all things physical.

I was looking forward to spending my very first entire weekend work-free by writing a paper and getting ahead on next week's readings and assignments and by getting a chance to enjoy the sunny spring weather! The snow is melting at a speedy rate and the boardwalk downtown along the ocean is finally snow free. I've been itching to get out for my 6km boardwalk run and thought this weekend would be the perfect opportunity. Unfortunately for me, I ended up going into work for 6 hours on Saturday. LC's is run by a family and as such, the majority of staff are siblings, cousins, sons, daughters etc. Unfortunately there was a death in the family, and since everyone is related, it affected all but 2 staff members, which left the restaurant short handed this weekend and for part of next week. As a result, I guess I'm coming out of retirement? It's hard to say no in a situation like this, as much as I'd rather not be working. Maybe as a treat to myself for being nice and working 17 hours this week after quitting I'll use my unexpected paycheck to buy myself something nice from lulu lemon. I've been eying a couple of items at the yoga studio! It probably ended up being a good thing I worked yesterday; by the time I got home at 7pm I decided it was to late to get school work done and promptly feel asleep at 8pm and stayed asleep until this morning. I clearly needed the sleep!

Today was daylight savings and although we lost an hour, I can't help but be excited by it. It means it's almost summer! And summer means:


Family Picnics / Reunions



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