Wednesday, March 16, 2011

CBC Radio Interview

Tuck and I just got asked for an interview on CBC radio! We're taping Friday morning and it will be aired on Monday morning. Stay tuned for an update on where/how you can hear the interview and how it goes!

We're being interviewed as part of World Home Economics Day (I'm pretty sure?) and because we're giving a big presentation to the Home Economics Association on Monday about our trip.

I've been emailing the CBC guy a bit tonight and in a request for background information from our trip he asked what our presentation was about and if we had actually been to Kenya, ha!

Should be super fun and we're both pumped for the interview. I hope I don't embarrass myself!

Just some background info about the Home Economics Association - Nutrition and Dietetics stem from home economics. Before nutrition degrees even existed, dietitians had degrees in home economics. A lot of RDs are still members of Home Ec societies and organizations as a tribute to our humble beginnings. In fact, most of my profs here at UPEI have Home Ec degrees, so the switch to foods and nutrition is fairly recent! As much as I'm glad to be getting a Bsc in Foods and Nutrition (it's got a bit more street cred than a Home Economics offense to those Home Economists out there) but it would have been pretty rad to have been able to take classes in sewing and fashion and stuff too! Talk about super fun electives!

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