Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Daisy's Sewage

Sam and I decided to take a mental health day today and boycott school to road trip across the island. It was a perfect spring day and since I'll only be on the island for another few weeks we had to take advantage of it while we still can. Our mental health day was tainted slightly by having to go to our 8:30am class because we were covering slightly important material that couldn't be missed, but as soon as class was over, and as soon as Sam's car was dropped off for it's oil change, we headed out on the road. We have been trying to decide where to go for a few days now, and since there is so much of the island that neither of us has seen we couldn't decide. Every time we had thought we had the perfect place to go, we realized that it would be a ghost town and nothing would be open owing to the fact that it's March in PEI. Every thing is seasonal and only open from June - August or October. We ended up being kind of lame. We had heard nothing but good things about Miss Daisy's Victorian Tea Room and B&B in Summerside so we made that our first stop for lunch. The atmosphere was great and the food was good but not spectacular, with the exception of the homemade biscuit that was fresh out of the oven and still warm. This guy definitely stole the show. It was the best biscuit I have ever tasted. Flaky and soft and melted in my mouth with buttery goodness. Yumm! I would go back just for the biscuits!
The Best Biscuit in the Entire World

I ordered the fishcakes, salad and green tea and Sam ordered a chicken pesto panini and salad, which both looked delicious. We ended up spliting both meals and each had one fish cake and half a panini.

Fish Cakes, Salad and Green Tea

Our meals also came with dessert! It was tough to choose, but I chose the black bottom cupcake. Shocker right? The word cupcake won me over. It was more like a mini chocolate lava cake but the warm melting chocolate was the perfect companion to the cold creamy whipped cream that was piled on top!
All in all it was a successful lunch! The portions were generous and we left full but not uncomfortably stuffed. We made the mistake of not making reservations though, so although they were able to squeeze us in, our food came almost too fast and there was some pressure to head out as soon as we were done dessert. They are normally reservation only because they are typically completely booked everyday for lunch so I can't really blame them. Would have been nice to have been able to take our time leisurely sipping our tea in the totally awesome tea cups without having to rush out after dessert. I would go back to Miss Daisy's, but I would definitely make sure I had reservations and I would request an extra biscuit or two!

After Miss Daisy's, we were at a loss for what to do next. We ended up driving to Victoria to check out the Beach House property. Unfortunately, upon our arrival we discovered this bad boy poking up right in the middle of our property.

They are vents for the sewage pump that was installed under the property. Bad news bears!

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