Saturday, March 5, 2011

Unemployment Bliss

Today is my first day as an unemployed student since September of last year. I've been working at a little locally owned pizza place for the last year and a half. The pizza place is awesome; the ingredients are all fresh, absolutely everything is made from scratch and they use Island raised meats. I honestly couldn't have asked for better employers either - they were completely flexible with my swimming schedule and still gave me the hours I wanted / needed, they were fine with me going home every chance I got for weeks at a time and there were no questions that I would have my job back in September after leaving for 3 months to go to Kenya. Not to mention we have amazing regulars who I look forward to seeing every Friday (like my fav Mr R!) for their greek salad and pepperoni pizza, or every Wednesday for their pizza sub. Not only do our regulars come in for food, but they take a genuine interest in the staff and what we're studying, how exams went, how the swim team's doing etc and in return we remember their orders and have them placed as soon as they walk in the door without having to be reminded what toppings they like. As far as jobs go, despite the fact that it was a lowly fast food job, I got pretty lucky.

All this being said, working is time consuming, sometimes exhausting and stressful, not to mention it can severely restrict what social endeavors I am able to pursue. So I decided that I would spend my very last month as an undergraduate university student unemployed. I wanted to have more time to focus on school, which has an extremely heavy workload this semester, and I wanted a chance to be able to actually enjoy being a student while I have the chance, without always being stressed out about cramming all my homework and swim practices into the few evenings every week that I am not working.

To celebrate my newfound free time (wait what? free time?) I decided to splurge on an unlimited monthly pass at Dynamic Fitness downtown. They have great spin classes, hot yoga and pilates classes, all at the one facility, and they give students 20% off! I've been contemplating getting an unlimited month of hot yoga for a while now but it's expensive! This ended up being cheaper, and gives me access to way more variety in terms of classes. So this morning, my first morning as an unemployed student (my last shift was last night) I went to a spin class followed by an hour of hot yoga, followed by some java at Starbucks do accompany some homework. I'm afraid to stand up though, I'm not sure I have any muscles in my legs that have enough energy left in them to hold up my body weight.

My last shift was uneventful. We were super busy, I got to say goodbye to a couple of regulars and that was about it. Not sure what I was expecting...a cake maybe?

Having had my last shift makes graduation seem that much closer, and I think I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

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