Thursday, August 12, 2010

South Bound and Down

We spent a long 9 hours in the car today driving from Meru to Nkuru to Nairobi. The roads are completely covered in pot holes and speed bumps and in some cases, baboons. Although I spent most of the car ride hoping that my breakfast didn't come back up, the scenery was pretty unreal and we drove through some really cool spots and on some very treacherous roads that were narrow with cliffs bordering it. We distracted ourselves from a potential fall to our death by singing along to Bud The Spud. We made a CD for the car ride full of east coast tunes, and no combi road trip full of islanders (and honorary islanders) would be complete without a little Stompin' Tom Connors. We made it one piece eventually, and in time to eat dinner at Java House and go shopping on Biashara Street and have a quick stop at the Nakumatt before retiring back to the hotel for a night of free internet!

Ester has finished all 85 aprons already! We were blown away when she called us yesterday to tell us. We have had some requests for manly aprons, and since we realized there probably aren't to many currently made that are masculine, we stopped by the same shop we bought our previous truckload of kikoi to buy more. The women who works there is awesome, and we were really happy we could find her shop to buy more. We only got a couple more sheets of fabric since we already have so many aprons made, but somehow I still ended up walking out of the shop with more kikoi for myself than for the aprons. Not only do I now have another 3 kikoi, I also have plans to return to her shop in September right before we leave to fill every last nook and cranny of my suitcase with more. I may actually have a kikoi addiction. They are all so pretty though, how can you choose just one? Every time you go into the shop, there are new colors and patterns. It's simply not possible to leave empty handed.

Tomorrow we are driving through the Rift Valley and heading to Masai Mara for our final little mini vacation of the trip. It's the middle of the wildebeest migration right now, and everyone we've talked to has told us they have seen HUGE pride's of lions with lots of cubs, leopards, lots of rhinos and elephants and hippos. Our fingers are crossed we'll get to witness a hunt or a kill! I'll try to get some awesomely gruesome pictures of a cat chomping away on some zebra tendons and bones to post. There are hot air balloon safaris that you can go one at Masai, so we're going to look into it, but it will probably bit a touch over our budget. You never know though! I can't sleep because I'm too excited! Not to mention we'll be spending the weekend at a 4.5 star resort with professional chefs and a hippo pond outside our balcony.

I registered for the Terry Fox Run across the Confederation Bridge today. Alex is going to run it with me which is really exciting! I'll have to start up-ing the intensity of my treadmill runs if I want to be able to keep up though!

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