Friday, August 27, 2010

CCA 2010

Although a million blog-worthy things have happened in the last few days, they will have to wait because at this exact moment in time I am more excited about National Canoe Kayak Championships that are currently taking place in Regina. It's the first time I haven't been at Nationals since I was a second year bantam (like 14 years old maybe?) so it's really strange having to check results online every morning instead of being there to witness it all myself. Because of the time change (9 hours ahead in Kenya versus Regina) I have to wait until the following morning before results are posted online. This means I fall asleep knowing that all my friends are racing and kicking ass while I sleep, which is really exciting. So exciting that I don't really actually sleep. I had planned on facebooking all my friends that won stuff on the first day of finals but there are to many people who have won to many medals that I gave up after about 7 people. So the lesson of the day is that my friends are awesome.

The other day I got stuck in the middle of The Great Camel Migration and rode on a boda boda (a dirt bike motor cycle hybrid used as taxis) for the first time, so I'll post pictures soon!

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