Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Since the referendum is tomorrow, we have been officially been put on compound lock down. We had originally planned to meet with the Ruuju women's group champs today and half the group to give a family nutrition seminar on Thursday, but we were told yesterday that this was just not going to happen since it is still unclear as to how Kenya will react to the outcome of the referendum. I understand why the plans had to be changed, but what I don't understand is why we couldn't have been told this a month ago when our schedule was given to the appropriate people. Our schedule had been set for over month and yet we end up having to cancel plans and make a million rearrangements the day before. It's frustrating because I couldn't help but feel like an inconsiderate idiot changing so many plans last minute. We already told all the women when the meetings would be and they have generously taken time out of their own lives to ensure that they would be in attendance. But I guess this is where the whole "sawa sawa" frame of mind comes in and I need to just suck it up and be flexible.

Although we are on lock-down, we are being allowed to go on a short trip into Meru this afternoon with Jen and her brother Sammy. By a trip into Meru, I really mean we're going to the Nakumatt. The novelty of the superstore has warn off but at least it gets us out of the compound. We're also allowed to go to the Muchui Business Center on Thursday, so Christina and I will head there Thursday morning to help the women plant and weed all day. We promised to bring them some banana bread as a treat so we'll get to do some baking tomorrow!

When we were at the business center yesterday, we checked up on our bananas which are doing very well. In fact, the block that we planted are doing the best! High five for being a super star banana planter! I think most of Thursday will be spent weeding them but it's better than sitting in the compound all day.

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