Tuesday, August 3, 2010

10 Favorite Things About Summer

There are things I miss while here in Kenya that I didn't expect to. These include fuzzy sweatpants (the kind with elastic ankles), my duvet cover and my bed, and magazines. None of these things are items that I ever in a million years thought I would actually miss. What I miss the most from home isn't a particular item, but just Summer in general. I've never not been home for summer before and it's really weird. So here is my "10 Favorite Things About Summer" list.

I encourage everyone to make their own list to make sure that it all gets crossed off before September hits. It's already August, which is a little mind blowing, and I saw a back to school add in a newspaper online. Summer will be gone before we know it!

KP's 10 Favorite Things About Summer

1. Training and being at the Canoe Club all day
2. BBQs
3. Running outside along the lake or on a trail (and not freezing)
4. Hiking
5. Iced coffee
6. Patios and eating outside
7. Wearing nothing but flip flops for 4 months straight
8. Regattas
9. Swimming in lakes and the creek
10. Hammock naps

I'm not sure there is actually anything I dislike about summer so this list a little irrelevant. I am sure I will think of a million more things that could have gone on the list. You have one more month so take advantage of it!

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